Role and Functions of Law in Society Paper Example

“Law plays a significant role in the successful operation of business and society” (Bushman, 2007). Laws help to keep behavior intact and regulate standards. Law sets rules and expectations. They also provide ways to dispute issues while serving as an enforcer. The law allows individuals to enjoy freedom, live in a fair society, check government, and have justice. The law is very complex, therefore understanding the law is very important. Without law, a country would lack government and rules, which would prevent it from running effectively and efficiently (Bushman, 2007). What is Law?

According to Melvin law is “a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force” (2011). Laws are enforced and contain strict rules that should be enforced if the laws are violated or broken. Law aid government, businesses, and individuals in uncertain times. Role and Function of Law in Business

Business owner want to think that they are in full control of their business and it is solely up to the how their business is run. This is not the case because the law affects how business are formed, and structured. The law states that business has to provide equal opportunity to potential employees when hiring. Employees should e hired based on qualifications rather than race or gender.

The role and function of law in business include protecting employees and business owners, defining ways to dispute conflict and provide a fair platform to conduct business. Employees and business owners encounter complex situation daily some of these situation are above the norm and cannot be handled carelessly. The law makes it easier for these individuals to understand and settle these situations peacefully. Some of the business situations that require business law are transactions, contracts, and sales (Bushman, 2007). Role and Function of Law in Society.

The role of law in society is to maintain good order and discipline. Everyone is subjected to the law and violator should be punished. Laws allow society to differentiate between state laws and federal laws. According to Melvin, the federal is superior to state laws and if a state law that conflicts a federal law is not effective (2011). No laws within a society mean a society that has no control. Without laws, people would fight more and settle disputes with violence and aggression. With laws in place to protect citizens and their assets, they have peace of mind knowing that there is confidentiality, freedom, and security.

Confidentiality creates an atmosphere of trust and encourages peace and togetherness. Freedom encourages creativity and gives people limitless potential to explore new ideas. Security brings peace of mind to individuals by allowing them to feel safe about their surroundings. Role and Function of Law in the Military

The law is detrimental to the military. Without the law, the military would be ineffective and unsuccessful. The law and charges to conduct business. The role of the military is to protect the constitution of the United States. Military members are required by law to make and live by a pledge to protect the Constitution of the United States and its citizens. This pledge is not take lightly by military member as many have given their lives to ensure that the standards continues to be upheld.

Military members have a chain of command that they follow of which the President of the United States is the head also known as the Commander in Chief. Laws prevent military members from speaking freely against the Constitution of the United States. They also prevent them for participating in certain parades and protests. The law affects military promotion and budget. It also determines the amount of troops that are allowed to serve in a period. Conclusion

Even though the law is very complex, it is necessary and plays a very important role in the success of a business and society. The laws sets rules that are strictly enforced and violator should be punished. Government, expectation, and justice are covered under the law. It provides ways to dispute issues while maintaining a good order and discipline. Without laws,businesses, and society would not be efficient or effective.

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