The Role of Criminal Justice Agencies in the Community

The Role of Criminal Justice Agencies in the Community


            The criminal justice agencies in the community play an extremely significant function not only at the moment of rescue operations, but also at the level of deterrence. As such, the central role of criminal justice agencies is focused on prevention, prosecution and rectification activities.

Law Enforcement

            The most important role of the law enforcement is to implement the law; and law enforcement officers are authorized to conduct interview to any witnesses in addition to the victims to discern if there is sufficient evidence to file a charge. In general, however, law enforcement functions include patrolling communities, protecting every citizen from harm, conducting investigation, as well as enforcing traffic laws (FBI, 2004).

The Courts

            Although it is rarely mentioned or considered, the principal role of any court system is to facilitate domestic peace (Britannica, 2008). In line of ensuring the peace within a community, the community courts are tasked to settle controversies and the concerns that involve the citizens. Any issues settled by the court may be either legal, factual or both (Britannica, 2008).

The Corrections

            In general, the functions of the corrections include the presentation of crisis intervention among convicts, as well as ensuring discipline among inmates and correction personnel. In addition, corrections organize work and program activities among inmates to guarantee public safety, to help out with facility security, and to ensure criminal enhancement (Department of Corrections, n.d.).


            The functions of the criminal justice agencies are considerably diverse. Nevertheless, in the most fundamental sense, criminal justice agencies are significant components of the community’s machinery for maintaining peace and harmony.


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