Role And Function Of Law Paper Essay

Law works in many ways for business and for our society to coexist. This is done by setting rules and expectations that provide ways to solve disputes and assign government agency to enforce them. Law is defined as “a body of rules of action or conduct prescribed by controlling authority, and having legal binding force.” (Melvin, 2011).

It is very important for business owners to understand law in the type of services that they provide, from either hiring employees or safety in the work place.

A business owner has to provide an equal opportunity to all those how seek jobs in their company without discriminating from gender, age or race. Safety in the work place is important to avoid law suits to be filed against the company. These law suits can go from not providing proper work equipments to failure to fix broken ladder way or not having safety procedure in place. The role that law provides in society is to provide a general guide lines to live day to day.

The law also provides safety for its citizens though Administrative Law “source of law that authorities the exercise of authority by executive branch agencies and independent government agencies” (Melvin, 2011). This law gives law enforcement the authority to enforce the laws set by congress, which enforces punishments to violators if guilty. The law also protects its citizens from settling disputes with violence or aggression.

Being in the military and work as a legal clerk I found law to be very important to keeping its military structure. For instance a law that I at first didn’t understand was that if a member of the military could get discharged if they won the lottery, it was explained to me that it can have a huge problem in the rank structure.

If a private was to be a millionaire and a Sergeant was to give him orders and decides to disobey him he would care about his punishments which could result in reduction of pay or liberty. The private in this instance has the money so it  wouldn’t bother him to lose pay and he can just buy video games, play online, have cable and it wouldn’t affect him. Law in the military extends throughout the world to make sure that every member of the military should always act in professional and keep a good image on the United


Working as a process server I started to understand how important law are in my job I am protected by the law to accomplish my duty, by law I am able to go up to a house and knock on the addresses home without being consider trespassing. This is a very important law that I must follow for if I do something like jump a locked fence I would be breaking the very same law that protects.

As a process server my duty is to serve court documents to defendants to appear at a specific superior court, if I were to lie or falsify information during the process of serving a defendant the case can be lost even if the attorney did nothing wrong.

Having law in our business protects the owners and employees they reduce law suits and prevent abuse. Law also protects the citizens of the United States and common standard laws they apply to everyone in that jurisdiction and punish those who choose to ignore them. Without

laws our business and society would fail to live in peace.



Melvin, S.P. (2011). The Legal Environment of Business: A Managerial Approach: Theory to Practice. New York, NY