Roger and Me

The movie Roger and me by Michael Moore is a documentary about Roger metalworkers takeover of General Motors in the late 1980s. Moore documents the transition from successfulness to poverty in the city of Flint, Michigan. There are deuce-ace different angles from which to look at the situation in Flint. These terzetto different angles are a departure theorists view, a functional analysis view, and a symbolic interactionists view. The archetypal view, conflict theory, is looking at who has the power, how theyre victimization this power, and who theyre exploiting with it.

A conflict theorist would view the situation as Roger metalworker using his power to ruin Flint, Michigan. smith became the CEO of General Motors and started fashioning massive changes immediately. He started by laying off thousands of political machine workers at the Flint, Michigan auto plants so that GM could murder new plants in Mexico, even up though GM was making record profits. The auto workers were devastated and although they strived to better themselves and get new jobs, thither were none available.

Secondly, the functionalists view can be applied to this situation. A functional analysts view is a pretty across-the-board one that consists of looking at the big picture and how everything whole kit and caboodle or doesnt work together. Functionalists would say that it was a necessary musical note for GM to close its plants in Flint because it will set out in more profits and allow the company to start larger. Having cheaper labor in Mexico will lower the prices of new cars too.

On the other hand, GM is being dysfunctional by closure the plants since that is where most of the citizens of Flint work. With so many people unemployed, the miserliness of Flint became horrible. No one bought anything so stores went out of business, creating even more unemployment. The final view if that of the social interactionists. Throughout the movie, Roger Smith is portrayed as an evil figure. Everyone that Moore interviews view General Motors and Smith as the devil. Flint, Michigan is.