Rights for homosexual

If you ask people around you about rights for homosexual or “gay” people, they will all tell you that they are in favor of it. They will all agree that gay people should have the same equal rights as anyone else living on this planet and should have equal access to protection, law benefits etc. And then you ask them about gay marriages! That is where all the equality comes to a still, stands dead cold. (Bidstrup S, 1996) In Unites States, three fourths of the population support gay rights. However still, half of the population is against gay marriages.

This indicates that even people who fervently are in favor of gay rights oppose them when it comes to marriage. There is lot of misunderstandings related to the fact that what homosexuality really is and also about the mistaken reality about gays enjoying the equal rights. There are also a lot of typecasts about gay relations, and more importantly misapprehensions about what marriage really is and what is its purpose. The term gay dates back to sixteenth century, evolving with the passage of time. The term was used in both noun and adjective contexts.

Since the sixteenth century it was used to refer to a homosexual man when used as a noun. Even as an adjective it was used to describe someone who led an immoral or loose life. During 1900s the word was used in plays or theatres mostly to refer to homosexual males. By the early twentieth century the term was explicitly used in reference to homosexuality. In modern English, gay as a noun is primarily used to describe homosexuality (Aaron’s dictionary). Homosexuality has never been a component of God’s creatures and people are never born homosexuals.

No one is naturally a homosexual. Plato in his book The Laws says that opposite sex acts are a form of pleasure by nature and while same sex acts are unnatural. Even in ancient Greece, from where homosexuality first originated, it was very exclusive and thought to be abnormal. The scientific population is continuously collecting more and more support to advocate that there might be a neurological explanation for homosexuality. This can be explained as over production of the hormone estrogen in males which is responsible for female characteristics.

In the literal sense, gay marriage is a term used for marriage between two people of the same sex which is recognized governmentally or socially. Gay marriages first became legal in Netherlands in 2001 and six other countries then followed suit. Spain in 2005 became the first country to allow gay marriages along with adoption rights on basis of equal law and rights. In the U. S. gay marriage was banned in all states till 1997. Now, gay marriages are allowed in the states of California, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

In fact Connecticut just recently approved of same sex marriages in October (Altimari D, 2008). Other states offer gay unions which are not marriages but gives rights and benefits to gay people who would prefer living together. The largest concentration of gay people in U. S. is located mainly in Manhattan, San Francisco and Boston and as many as 7. 2 million Americans under the age 20 are homosexuals (PFLAG statistics). In ancient times the concept of same sex marriage was not that prevalent however evidence still indicates that such relationships were prevalent in the societies.

Historical figures such as Socrates, the famous Roman emperor Hadrian and his beloved Antonius, Leonardo da Vinci etc were found to have romantic relationships with people of their own sex. Even though other couples have also been identified in the time line, none has explicitly stated that they are married. The reasons might be quite a few including insecurity, fan support, financial issues etc. Jack Larsson the famous actor form Super man Television series was coupled with the famous director Jim Bridges. Not to forget the famous couple of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

Then there is the forty year old couple of Sir Elton John and David Furnish. George Michael, the famous singer and Kenny Goss fill up another slot in the long list of gay couples (Demian, 2008). Despite of being allowed in some nations of the world, gay marriages are still a topic that remains controversial and debated upon. People approve of gay rights but are against gay marriages. For them gay marriage will lead to social devastation and raise issues such as parenting, family life etc. Thus by far gay marriages have not been well accepted in societies and in my view will remain this way. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1.

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