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Welch Allyn, a private manufacturer of health care solutions, implements an employee volunteer program that aims to serve their communities. Welch Allyn prides itself with medical assistive devices, which premiers in providing technological solutions for the health care industries worldwide. The organization aims to facilitate efficient and effortless health care practices by providing for innovative technologies that will be instrumental in diagnostics and evaluation.

(Welch Allyn, 2007a) Welch Allyn, as a business organization, also promotes social responsibility by involving their employees in community-based volunteer programs that heads toward a communal sense of service and support for those who are underprivileged and needy. Moreover, Welch Allyn’s passion stretches beyond the revenue aspect of business. The primary aim of the company is to help society by providing means of improving man’s health and well-being.

(Welch Allyn, 2007b) The employee volunteer program of the company include hours of community service by volunteering to assist in fire departments, law enforcement offices, soup kitchens, charities, and goodwill missions. Employees conduct volunteer community service within their own community. This is because Welch Allyn believes that helping to improve the world should start in one’s own community. (Welch Allyn, 2007c) Employee Volunteer Programs are a good way for organizations to give back their success to society from which they owe their successes to, by helping out in the community through service-oriented activities.

In the business context, it is also a strategic way of advertising and luring other business to invest in one’s company. Helping out in communities and allocating funds for these causes lessens their taxable income. Moreover, having this display of being caring and compassionate to the community stirs up loyalty and patronage among the customers. Volunteer programs enhance the company image and character. Encouraging employees to join the volunteer program also produces goal-oriented workers that the company can count on.

Aside from producing productivity and maximizing employee capabilities, the company is able to gain loyal among its employees. (Volunteer Match) The downside of the program on the part of the company is the time that they spend on volunteer programs. For instance, the time that employees should be spending to work on company goals is neglected because of the time that they too have to spend in community work. Moreover, the company should be on their toes all the time to ensure that the good image and reputation that they built through community work is reflected by how they conduct business.

For the employees, being able to serve their community through volunteer programs sponsored by the company that they work for it serves as motivating experiences for employees, especially when it comes with benefits such as employee volunteer of the month awards and bonuses. Moreover, employees who are involved with volunteer work have the chance to show off their skills and enhance their performance through community work. Employees also have the chance to collaborate and work together as a team, thus cultivating a strong and stable working relationship.

(Volunteer Match) However, there will also be times when employee volunteer programs lowers motivation of employees to work, because at times they may find it a waste of time and money especially if they do have other important things to attend to. Another thing is that some companies might forget to acknowledge or show appreciation for the volunteerism of their employees, thus lowering their morale and their urge to work and enhance their skills and abilities.

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