Republican Form of Government

There are quit a number of problems which Framer faced in effort of making sure that the new constitution worked. In dealing with the issue, Framer decided that he needs to make the virtues of balance and moderation work. He found out that these virtues were mainly endangered. Framer wanted to come up with a way of combining energy and the stableness of the government with the republican form. Framer in dealing with this, encountered quit a number of problems since he could not be able to delineate power of the state and the government (Stolyarov II, 2007).

There are so many difficulties which he encountered such as language imperfection, political objects and other fallible human reasons. In order to design the new republican form of government, there was a lot of improvement in science which Framer made use of which was based on political science and through this knowledge, he was able to come up with the solutions of the problems that he faced. During this time also, power was regularly distributed in all the departments which enabled him to form the republican government. Legislative checks and balances were also introduced which helped the founder fathers to access the government.

Courts had judge who could deal with different issues and this made him to have confidence in the form of government that he was forming. People ware allowed to vote for the deputies of their own who could represent them in legislature. Orbit was also enlarged which helped in solving those problems that were hindering the government to be formed. Therefore, Framer after being able to solve these problems, together with other fathers was able to create the republican government.


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