Religion Influences the United States Government

Religion negatively influences the United States’ government. Throughout the history of the U. S. , government has constantly been influenced by Christianity. It started when Europeans came over and tried to colonize the U. S. , and it is still continuing today in our government. Many people from all over the world leave their country and come to the United States “The Land of the Free,” in hope for a new and better life. They leave for many reasons like harsh living conditions or from a government that is strict and often dictated by a religion.

In many third world country’s, like Afghanistan, Islam is the religion that influences everything, including government. In Afghanistan, women are stripped of most rights and freedoms that everyone should have because of strong Islamic beliefs. Is the United States different? In the United States everyone is supposed to have equality and freedom, but that is not the case. The government is becoming more and more influenced by Christianity everyday.

Due to this, individual rights and freedoms are being taken away without logical reason or people even knowing. The American people and the American Christian people are allowing these things to happen because the government backs up what they do with reason of Christianity. Rights such as abortion and same sex marriages are being questioned based on religion. Are own President Bush according to the Montana News Association thinks that “All people worship the same God; they just have different ways to come to him” (One World Religion in U.

S. Government). As the articles says “We as Christians, know, what our Christian president should know, that this is not true and never ha been. ” Slavery was not long ago, that had something to do with white people believing that they were ordained by God to educate Black people. From that comes an outrageous law such as Black Codes, Jim Crow Laws and outrageous consequences such as lynching. This all happened because of religious beliefs and people saying “God said this is how it’s suppose to be”(One World Religion in U. S. Government).

In the U. S. African American slavery has been abolished for many years and that didn’t happen until the Civil War were people stepped up and said enough is enough, but with that a new slavery arises. Today we are slaves to our own government. The U. S. government is taking away rights and liberties and binding the American people to outrageous laws and consequences, a government that is based off of Christianity. Is this not history repeating itself? How bad does it have to get for people to come together and say enough is enough?

Ethnocentrism is a big problem in the United States. The U. S. has the tendency to look at other cultures through the eyes of there own, and there by misrepresent them. Montana News Association says “President Bush, is taking a slow, but steady turn toward a one world religion. ” In Matthew 24:9, Jesus said “You shall hated of all notions for my name sake” (One World Religion in U. S. Government). Many believe that this prophecy would be fulfilled in the United States. One may see this in the war against Iraq.

We look at the problem through our own culture not understanding why another country could believe something different. Not understanding that we’re doing the exact same thing that their doing, ethnocentrism. One way or another if religion continues to influence government the world problems are going to continue to get worst. We’ll not only have to worry about world wars but civil wars. Religion has continued to negatively influence the United States government in the past and today in the present. The United States is an unjust nation.

Religions influences on the government strip the people of their rights. It does not have equal rights and freedoms for everyone because if it did it would respect everyone’s religion, and human rights. Its symbolic influences in the constitution, on money, in the schools don’t say that this is a land of freedom, but a nation under one God. Bibliographic Reference “One World Religion in U. S. Government. ” Montana News Association. 21 Feb. 2006 . “The US Government vs Individual Religious Freedom in the US. ” Religious Tolerance. 26 Feb. 2006 .