Relationships between men and women

Relationships between men and women may vary by territorial origin and legislative rules. For Muslims, such law and practices are profoundly inscribed in their Holy Book called Qur’an. This holy book sets the principle that defines the common relationship among Muslims, in both genders. A Qur’anic passage called Surah supports the ideal that men and women are equal, and that they must submit themselves mutually among each other. Muhammed, a prophet, was historically noted by its tradition of having multiple wives.

Given that Muslim men, who they say lose nothing while gaining, are given leeway to multiple partners at a time he’s ready to commit. Muslim men are allowed to maintain multiple commitments all at the same time, provided they are capable of supporting families financially. With this, the world still has not deprived the Muslims to practice such belief because the world is now in the stage of acceptance. However, first wives are also emotionally hurt when their husbands marry though it has already been a practice that Muslim males can marry more than one woman.

While Catholics fast during the Lenten season at the start of age 18 and above, Muslim female starts fasting the moment she has her menstrual cycle while a male starts when his Adam’s apple manifests. The Muslim mode of dressing is in accordance to the strength of their faith to Allah. To be devout to Allah, Muslims need to wear conservative clothes, thus, showing only their faces, hands, and feet. This is common in some countries like Saudi Arabia of which they call it – hijab, the obligatory veiling of women that is interpreted and implemented by their legislative body as an overall covering of a woman’s face, head and body.

The conservative dressing of the female Muslims is intended for males not to get attracted to the female Muslims easily. When they talk to Muslim males, females avoid eye contact to counter temptations. Meanwhile, young Muslim girls are not allowed to go through a stage of teenage love. Once they get to like someone or likened by a Muslim boy, they would marry regardless of age. Muslim males, on the other hand, may marry Christian girls but not for Muslim females. They are not allowed to marry Christian males. For Muslims, they can follow any of the three modes of marriage.

It could be Wedded wherein they are married to their partners of their personal choices, Betrothed which is an arranged marriage, or a Buya when a young female and a male are taught how to live together until such a time they get to liken to each other. The most common of these modes of marriages is the arranged marriage, where the parents or guardians are the ones who match and select the signification others of their offspring and bring them under a wedding ceremony. The choice of these partners are based on the cultures, traditions, societal class, and sometimes, the educational status or attainment.

Muslims’ prophet Mohammed prefers a bigger family, Muslims, don’t believe in family planning. Muslim couples are expected to produce children and preserve an intimate and close relationship with them. Given that in our generation are patronizing liberal thinking, Muslim men and women are prohibited to engage in premarital sex affair. They are expected to remain pure until they enter into marriage. True enough, having born as Muslims, they will always be Muslims. If they will defy their religion, they will run the risk of losing a family because they will be ostracized and casted away from their community.

They enjoy a degree of freedom in their religious adherence but they can’t completely detach and get away from their religion. The rare presence of these Muslims proves that humans, Muslims and Christians alike, are open for diversity, much more for diversity of religion. On the other hand, gender relations in USA is quite opposite with that of Saudi Arabia and among Muslims. While Muslims prohibit the young males and females to patronize liberal thinking and engage in sexual affairs at an early age, open relationship is already a common case among young lovers in USA.

This denotes a relationship in which partners agree to date and get intimate while they are not yet married. With the destined growth of a new and very much different generation together with the rise of technology, conservative relationship has indeed gone through a great metamorphosis. While Muslim men practice multiple marriages to multiple wives, both US men and women are prohibited to marry twice until their first marriage is still effective. However, US men are granted and allowed to remarry, provided their first marriage is already void or has been annulled.

Oftentimes, divorce is what you call for the separation between US couples. This is not really an issue of equality between men and women anymore. But this is an issue about commitment. If you commit to a relationship, you devote your love to that one person alone. But if you venture to other romance other than your partner’s then, you are not truly committed. And if there is no commitment, there is no point to the relationship – for what’s there for both of you to work for? It has actually been a century-old argument whether or not a person must solely commit himself/herself to a partner.

The very context of a relationship is to get to know each other. If the couple have decided to tie the knot, demand of commitment and of fidelity are needed. Unlike Muslims, US Christians seldom follow arranged marriage. Choices and decisions are usually based on the mutual feelings of both genders. It comes from the primary parties and not from the secondary parties who are known as the parents and others beings. Most US citizens are Christians. And like Muslims, Christians also has this holy book called the “Bible” where the commandments of God are inscribed.

Unlike Muhammed’s, the commandments of God defines the relationship between men and women as something that is everlasting and true. The Lord says that men and women are forbidden to yearn or desire for another being if they have been blessed already by the Church as a Christian couple. Mode of dressing among US women is not revealed through their faith. Unlike Muslims who have this traditional piece of cloth that covers their face and body, US women are free to wear anything at their comfort. In US culture, it is not seemed natural that women are trapped in weak, suffering, and unhappy personality.

Damsels in distress and cursed princesses are not in their characters. While Muslim women practice conservatism in relationship, US women do not suppress their feelings and keep their emotions in their closets. Indeed, Feminism has revolutionized over the years. Like Muslims, US Christians also encourage close ties with the family most especially to children. As what we’ve learned in school, the family is the basic unit of society. And family in US also plays a significant role on what they are and what they will become. That doesn’t mean however that one has to put all the blame to his family if he becomes a useless weed.

Variety of complications and interruptions are there to spice up our lives. and tastes tells us that in life, despite its uncertainties, we have a choice. Relish everything that variety brings so that when time comes that you’re ready to choose, you are sure that your choice would fill your brim. With all of these differences and similarities, it is definitely true that there are things from the past that are impractical for us today. Indeed, modernity has made living easier. Work Cited “Gender Relations. ” 2008. Net Industries. 13 December 2008 <http://family. jrank.

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