Regulatory Reform In General

The impact on the victims of the mess, from the ever widening income disparity to the transition of America from a Democracy to an oligarchy; the ascendancy of a celebrity branded politician who “adjusts his position” from being a man of the people to an elitist who has more in common with the worst and most corrupt elements of a culture, and in particular an industry he is supposed to reform once in office, to the long term effect on every day American’s lives, has yet to even be properly understood or measured, much less analyzed.

From the long term impact of losing a home, lost years of careers and incomes, lost educations, lost opportunities, and even lost lives due to no health insurance are all collateral damage in one of the worst cases of corporate fraud ever to hit the American and global marketplace. Legislation The fact that both the White House and Congress are as much “white collar perps” as both Wall Street and much of the corporate elite does not bode well for the recovery of the American corpse.

Every single piece of legislation passed since the collapse of the economy has in fact benefitted Wall Street and big business, but primarily the former, since 2008. That includes: Health insurance “reform,” which primarily benefits the medical industry and Wall Street. While a whole paper could easily be written just on this issue, the problem is so bad that a couple of points are worth mentioning.

Medicaid does not cover neurological care, a fact that most people are not aware of, and of course is never mentioned. While this is data from 2008, it’s only going to get worse, since traumatic brain injury is the so-called “signature wound of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq” and more vets died thanks to lack of health insurance that year than members in active service.

With diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis falling under the rubric of neurological diseases, and many who have them not being able to afford brand name drugs thanks to their patent extension granted under the new law, not to mention no price controls on either insurance or pharma costs, under the new healthcare “reform” bill, many consumers will be unaffordable to afford life saving drugs even under “reform.

”  And those who can, will pay more for the privilege in an economy where government provides fewer services because it’s broke thanks to bailing out Wall Street, salaries are flat thanks to a down economy, massive unemployment, no easy access to credit, and inflation across the board for other goods and services, not to mention a potential VAT tax that Obama is now considering with no additional tax reform on the upper earning income set.

The war economy (Obama’s military budget is the largest in history, and Bush II ramped up military spending more than any other President in history), which by definition is the least redistributive and most wasteful economic policy for any country to follow Obama’s continued opposition to the federal legalization of Marijuana, even as it is being tested by the FDA as medicine for a variety of different neurological diseases and it is now legal as medicine in 14 states.

This does not benefit Wall Street or the Medical industry of course, because it is mostly small business that does the growing, selling and distribution. And you don’t need a bank loan from Wall Street to set up a grow farm. Obama’s massive retrenchment from a transition to a clean tech economy that generates clean energy to one where he just authorized continued coal refuse dumping on public land and, in a move not even George Bush could pull off, authorized offshore oil drilling.

The supposedly anti-nuke president also authorized the first new nuclear power plant in the United States in over twenty years, when from even just a political and international relations standpoint this is stupid. Studies have shown that in trying to convince burgeoning nuclear states to disarm, there is no better policy for the United States to follow than to give up nuclear power, even for peaceful energy generation up, altogether.

Structural Unemployment:  There is an argument that the continued high jobless rate is not an unintentional policy. Small business has always been the driving force of the U. S. economy. Yet the administration waited over a year to even turn its attention to the issue. Access even to SBA loans is nearly impossible and the administration has yet to set up its special SBA fund, since the banks (see the graph above) that the taxpayers bailed out, are still unwilling to extend credit back to the same people who saved their own businesses.

Yet at the same time most of America starves, losses their homes, and experiences record high numbers of both unemployment in general and record long term unemployment, not to mention unmitigated suffering which even the administration is admitting will continue for years into the future, both Wall Street and Corporate America are reporting profits, in the former case record profits and bonuses.

Flyover Country Economies – America’s Heartland Victims:  The chart below shows exactly who is suffering and where. The “official” unemployment rate is an average. As you can see, in some parts of the country, the pain is much worse. Yet the administration has not done anything to address this. Why not? The American people deserve a massive overhaul in regulatory reform and oversight in almost every area of government today.

From the FDA that was sued last summer for not properly following its own testing procedures to issues that are far more complicated such as opening up the wireless spectrum to allow market entry for smaller players to enter the clean energy space through wireless distribution of clean energy, not to mention even things like oversight of Medicare, Medicaid and welfare fraud (and there is no bigger fraudulent agency in DC than the Pentagon which is in such dire need of oversight and has never gotten a proper audit because of continual excuse after continual excuse of “national security” which  Congress always buys) the American people continue to be scammed by the white collar criminals who comprise America’s political elite.

Many of whom, while they personally cannot profit from the legislation they pass, have spouses or relatives, or in some cases “friends” or political donors, who directly benefit from the legislation they pass or vote for. Often at the direct expense of the American public. The victim.