Reflective Statement on Ethical Lens Inventory Report

The ethical lens inventory results were surprising to me. Not because I found the results to be far-fetched, but that they were so close to how I try to practice my life. I am not perfect by any means, but my goal in life is to do what is right. I found the report to be very informative and really appreciated how it divided the different traits and defined them so clearly. While reading the report I often thought to myself; “This is so true about me”. I think that whoever created this game did a great job. When I first saw the results, I noticed it said my preferred lens was none. This confused me at first, but as I read further into the report, it explained itself. I had tested in the middle of the four lenses. This first trait introduced me to where I stand on the grid.

According to the report, my ethical skills are either mature, or underdeveloped. It stated that people that end up in the middle of the grid often have the ability to use the tools from each lens and effectively find an outcome to whatever issue they may have, but those with underdeveloped skills “are often paralyzed by their ability to see all sides and too desperate to please everyone”(para. 2). Although I believe I am “ethically mature” I can also understand the other aspect of this result, and believe there are still times that it applies to me (para. 1).

The rest of the report goes on to talk about a few different traits associated with my stance on the grid. The first six traits that were listed better defined what my skills are and the strengths associated with each. The other five traits are the weaknesses, or traits to be aware of, associated with my stance on the grid. The last trait explains the approach I should try to take with each situation I face. From what I understand from the report, my strength is the ability to use all values that are associated with each lens– such as autonomy, equality, rationality and sensibility– to achieve the best solution that will be productive to all that are involved. I have a gift of balancing each of the lenses to help me accomplish my goals.

My ultimate goal is doing right by everyone that is involved. My weaknesses are inaction, confusion, and superiority. I need to be aware that my “insistence on agreement”(para. 12) may actually cause conflict for me and the other members, because I can come across as a tyrant. I have no blind spot because I have the ability to see all perspectives of the lenses; however, I need to approach each situation by “listening to my heart, using my head, and acting with confidence”(para. 14). The report states that I need to remember that even though “there may be more than one way to resolve a problem, some actually are better than others.”

ReferenceUniversity Of Phoenix. (February,2013). Ethical lens inventory report for Tanja Baca. Retrieved from