Reducing Gang Violence

This program will focus on creating alternative and better opportunities for youths involved in gangs  and those who are at a higher risk of being involved. The aim of these programs will be to provide the youths with other alternatives besides being involved in gang activities. This should be done by using outreach workers to assess the risk factors affecting the youth and to evaluate the resources available for them. The role of these workers will focus on educating the youths on the consequences of being involved in gang activities and how they can avoid being involved.

Furthermore, this program will be helpful in reaching out to the youths who are not able to get or interact with social institutions. Before the youth is provided with counseling, the environmental resources, the structure of the gang together with the youth should be taken into consideration. This is because different youths will have different problems and therefore require different remedies, some may require jobs, training, drug treatment or educational programs.

Since majority of the gang members are the youths, learning institutions will be required to adopt this program so that students are provided with an opportunity to learn about the effects of gang violence to the society and how gang activities can be reduced. Provision of social and educational opportunities Youths will require different things at different stages in their lives. The younger youths may require to be taken to alternative schools and be given family counseling. While the older youths may require legitimate jobs and thus training and education will be needed.

This program will therefore be used to  evaluate the needs of the each youth and meet their needs. This will enable youth rehabilitation since there are some youths who have been looking for a job opportunity for a long time without success. Some youths are involved in gangs  because they do not have jobs and are therefore idle. The gangs provide them with an opportunity to earn some money and therefore meet their personal needs. Similarly, there are those who are driven by peer pressure, since their friends are involve in gangs they also get involved.

Giving them social and educational opportunities will be useful in reducing gang violence. This program will also be responsible for expanding after school and youth sports activities to ensure the youths are not idle and to enhance social interaction with other members of the community. using sports is a good method for removing idleness and allowing interaction and thus reduce gang violence. Suppression of gang violence This program will be composed of efforts from the police force to curb violent crimes and facilitate public safety.

It will consist of surveillance, arrest, detention and imprisonment. Surveillance The will involve activities such as patrols and cameras which will be helpful in reducing the gang activities. The surveillance activities will be increased and will mainly target high risk streets. A gang prevention task force will be put in place to help in reducing the number of gang violence incidences. This task force will be composed of a large number of police officers and other law enforcement personnel.

Their tasks will involve night and day patrols in the streets which are prone to gang violence. To add to that the patrols will mainly be conducted by police cars and on foot. Surveillance cameras which are bulletproof will be mounted in places where they are invisible. These places will not be disclosed to police force members and not the public, so as to increase their effectiveness. These cameras will be helpful in monitoring illegal drugs trade and other criminal activities in the streets such as robberies, fights, among others.