Recent Softwares and Technologies Used for Power Flow and Fault Calculation

A power system is a network of electrical components used to transmit, provide and use electrical energy. An example of a power system provides energy to houses and industry in a region. Complexity and Non-linearity of the supply system, manual calculations can be very complex in some of them. Situations, especially when the number of buses or tickets is very important. Here’s the paper Software convergence, time saving and accuracy.

“Power supply system. Simulator “focuses on three main concepts in the analysis of the energy system” energy flow calculation, “Calculation of errors” and “Calculation of economic distribution”. Keywords: GUI, Newton-Raphson, unsymmetrical faults, economic dispatch, MATALB 1. Introduction There are two types of simulation analysis for power systems: commercial and educational programs. There are many commercial applications on the market (Power World Simulator, Power Simulator …). These tools provide cost-effective computing software for analysis. However, this is not enough for research and educational intentions. This is a drawback because they do not allow to modify algorithms or add new models. Flexibility and ease of research and learning goals are more important than calculations.

Thanks to its varied educational and research capabilities, MATLAB has become one of the main factors of influence. and relevant programs in many scientific fields, in particular in energy systems. This section describes a new suite of analytics tools for MATLAB power systems that take advantage of its capabilities. Explore MATLAB, error calculation, power flows and economic conditions in numerical calculations sending a specific grid.

This tool was designed to help students and research. She was also included in the curriculum for students from the Lebanese International University. Since then, students have been accepted shows that these concepts are better understood. In addition, they managed to develop their funds improvement of knowledge and thinking. 2. Methods of analysis of power systems The electrical system, especially if you have a large number of nonlinear equations and tires, is sometimes difficult to analyze for some time with manual calculations. A man can handle a small number of buses, and if the number of buses is high, manual calculations are very complicated.

The Newton-Ruffson method in computer software can solve a very short time on the bus and pass the final resolution of 100,000 or 150,000, yielding a certain level of tolerance for more accurate results. for unbalanced defects, sequence and phase voltage and current, depending on the type of error calculation, but the software will calculate these values for several milliseconds and very accurately. Finally, for the economic distribution, the value of the increased value and the developed forces will change, as the amount of demand changes.