Recent conflict from the other person’s point of view

I recently had a recent quarrel with my ex-boyfriend regarding our unresolved issues and the way we broke up. Basically, we never had a chance to formally settle our differences and move on so we decided that it was high time that we do so.

We spoke with each other inside my car where my ex-boyfriend began criticizing me for the way I treated him when I broke up with him. He was very upset about the fact that I ended our relationship simply through a text message that I sent him, which was the main reason behind our seemingly unending conflict. In addition, according to him, I was very selfish and foolish for not telling him that I was already having problems with our relationship.

Moreover, he told me that my reasons for breaking up with him – lack of time to balance a relationship and school work and lack of trust from him – were very silly and flimsy reasons.

Furthermore, he even said that I pretended to love him or have feelings for him all this time. He also said that I was unfair for refusing to hear my side and that he was mad at me for all the wrong things I have done.

Although I realize that it may been improper to break up with him through a mere text message, I believed that it was the only way for me to tell him my true feelings without breaking down. I admit that if I spoke with him face to face, I may not be able to freely express my thoughts.

Moreover, while I acknowledge that I may have had several mistakes when we were together, it is not true that I pretended to love him or pretended to have feelings for him. I can honestly say with full conviction that I gave all the love, attention, and care that he needs. In reality, it was his fault that we fell apart.

Basically, on our first two months together, just like all relationships, went very smoothly. We had a lot of fun and a lot of cherished moments. However, on our third month, he began to change. He no longer accompanied me going to class early in the morning just like what he used to do before. In addition, he no longer sent me text messages nor called me as often as before. In short, he was neglecting me and taking me for granted.

Several weeks later, I decided to confront him. However, instead of being sorry for his actions, he even got mad at me for not understanding the pressure he gets as he prepares for the medical technology licensure examinations. While I acknowledge the fact that he is very busy studying for his licensure exams, what upset me the most is that he couldn’t even give me 30 minutes of his time.

Despite our crumbling relationship, I still forced myself to understand him and his situation. After he passed the said licensure examinations, I thought he would change. Much to my dismay, however, I was wrong. He still continued to neglect me so I finally decided that we stay away from each other for a while.

To my surprise, he was suddenly crawling back to me. In fact, everyday he would go to my school and give me flowers just to show how sorry he was for the things he did. Although I refused to forgive him, he still persisted. Eventually, we got back together again.

While he no longer neglected me, this time, however, he was becoming too possessive. When we weren’t together, he kept on insinuating that I was with someone else which is not true. I told him that I needed him to give me some space and yet he refused to do so. As a result, I was not happy with him anymore.

This is the true reason behind my decision to break up with him which is something that he refuses to realize. Thankfully, however, after almost three hours of debating, we decided to finally stay away from each other for good, which I believe is the best way for us to be able to move on.