Reasons for an Increase Crime Among Young People

Crime,which drastically increasing among youngsters.Resulting corrupted community for the future and fails to produce productive young people in the country.If proper awareness provided to stop crimes among young people and encourage them to behave more civilized,the country would be more peaceful and harmonic.

Currently a major disaster that attacking and destroying our youngsters’ life is crime.Basically,anything against law and society,we called as crime.Young people mainly involved in crime such as rape,gangsterisms,bullying,homicide and many more. Perhaps,instead of focusing on the results and punishments of youth crime;everyone should be concentrating on causes and solutions to youth crime? When we look even closer,there are reasons why crimes done by youngsters and there is also some ways to encouraged them to behave differently.

Probably,in everyone’s life,parents are the first role models for their children.It is important for parents to be with and help them to grow from a baby to adult.Common psychology survey shows,those teenagers with happy life are less involved in juvenile crimes compared to teenagers who are sad and depressed.Perhaps,the cause for their depression would start from root of family.Nowadays,parents are like machine with no time to do their own business and to spend time with their childrens.It suppose to be,parents who teach disciplines,good behaviours and attitudes to the kids.Sometimes,when a kid expose to violence and crime in their childhood life can lead to their criminal behavior in later life.Discipline isn’t about punishments.When parents start to punish their kids psychically, it lead them to be depressed and have moody feelings. They also tend to behave more aggressive and violent because of the stressful life.

Otherwise,peer pressure could be the main cause of the children to experience tobacco,drugs,alcohol and also other illegal activities.Childrens must learn to say ‘NO’ to protect themselves from involving in those illegal activities.For instance,they should choose friend who are not a smoker,alcoholic,don’t lie and steal.Furthermore,involvement in violence activities may be a way to gain group members,respected and get attention from the peers.Children who have friendship with antisocial peers in school are at higher risk of involving in violence behaviours.Even more,youths who lack of education and antisocial like to join groups that teach and reward antisocial behaviours.Once they become a member of gang,youths are more likely to be involved in crime activities,have difficulty in education,drop out of school like suspended,expelled or arrested.

Additionally, media mass influences can lead to childrens’ violent behaviour.A survey shows that by the age 18 the average kids will have watched more than 200,000 acts of violence on television programmes.Media violence scenes is damaging to young children because they believe everything appears in those programmes.They could’nt interpret, which is real life and fantasy.It seems real to them.Media mass violence programmes influence youngster by increasing their curiosity of violence and spoilt their behaviour.Media always fail to show the consequences of crime adegans.

In addition to that,there is another cause,why youngsters involve in crime.An amount group of youth have a poor educational backgrounds and their carrier life consist of low salary,poor living lifestyle also less chances to get a higher positions.As we know,many prisoners could’nt able to read or write.For instance,crimes such as burglary,pickpocket,smugglers,and shoplifting because of their bad educational backgrounds.Besides that,unemployment for a long period would lead them to those crimes.They make a choice between long-term of low salary and short-term profitable crimes.Obviously,many of them,will choose the short-term way,as they also have that hope to live high-standard lifestyles.

Let’s stop finding faults and blaming each other about the causes.There will always a solution for any problems.Here some,parents should take some precautions to reduce the effects of media violence on children by setting limits of time to children watch some useful and beneficial programmes.Furthermore,parents also can avoid consequences programmes children’s watching and block some channels with passwords settings.Moreover,parents must discuss with children’s by asking how they feel after watching those action scenes,movies,or even music videos and warn off what would happen if it happen in real life for those who committed in violence.

Many of the crime that happens involved by kids who are bored at home and no idea of doing anything valuable.To some youngster’s,the idea of pickpocket,burglary,and grazing cases is much excitement and adventures.So that,youths also can stay out of the trouble by getting involve in community youth services.Youths have to feel a part of their community.For instance,teen sportsmanship,gym centres,and teen clubs can help them to create positive feelings in the community.They should be exposed to teamwork,sharing knowledges and cooperation.Youths can get benefits from those community programmes and stay of the trouble as well.

Besides, government should encourage schools to arrange alternative classes, extra tutoring, and help obtain skills inside the students, who are not doing well in school subjects.In order to, create productive youths, jobs must be available for 15-24 year old youths.Its not only help them to earn money; they can have experience of working, sharpen the skills and build self-confidence.’

In conclusion,this phenomenon happens in our young generations widely.As we know,they’re the priceless assets of country for the future leaders and successful individuals.If everyone put some efforts to think the solutions,perhaps we could at least stop those crime happens.Otherwise,for young people here piece of an advice, whenever we made a decision it must always be ours because at the end of the day it will be us not others who influenced you.So,never do anything that you know its wrong but you want to try it so badly and end up regretting things.Being a youth,isn’t something bad because it is,in my opinion,the best period of one’s life and all our good times are spent in this period. Someone have to take responsibility for the children rather than temporarily place them in to juvenile prisons.’ Society prepares the crime, the criminals commits it’ quoted by Henry Thomas Buckle.