Radiation Pose a Serious Health Hazard

The Effects of EMF radiation on Toddlers is the leading journal of radiation and it aims to advertise the effect of radiation to the people to the happiness. The partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), which is able to supply evidence for people affected by cancer. This article proved the toddlers, young children, will be affected by the radiation efficiently. The article also listed some diseases which are related to the EMF’s harm, such as childhood leukemia, other cancers, asthma, behavioral and learning disabilities.

The key finding is the relation between children and radiation. Additionally, most radiation exposure happened at home or in day care facilities can lead to risk for childhood diseases. Only a lower level of magnetic field radiation has an increased risk of childhood cancer. The conclusions was that EMF harms the toddlers’ health and we should keep the children away from the EFM field. The author, Heather Vale Gross, is a writer, interviewer and seasoned journalist and is well known as The Unwrapper.

She is the expert of the childhood fitness and nutrition specialist with a background in mind-body-spirit health. The strengths of the article are that it used lots of studies of reliable organizations and specialists, and it also use some medical term to show what the diseases are. The limitation is the article only mention to keep the children away from the EMF but not say how. The article’s key word is the toddlers and it is suitable for my topic about the effect on the young children.

Effects of radiation on the brainMarie Cheour, radiation effects on the Brain (2010).

Available from: http://www.livestrong.com/article/268533-radiation-effects-on-the-brain/ [Accessed 7 January, 2013]

This journal is selected in the website “LIVESTRONG”. It aims to become the warning of the people and lead to a better and healthier life for humans. The website is official partner of the Lance Armstrong Foundation (LAF), which is able to supply evidence for people affected by cancer.

This qualitative study examine the fact that the radiation can make general short-term side effects on the brains, the late side effects and brain radiation side effects in children. The key finding was that researchers announce that the radiation can cause some origins out of work, like the inflammation of the lining of the mouth, difficulties chewing, speaking and swallowing.

Additionally, from the “Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism” in 2003, the professor claimed that the younger the children were, the more severe radiation affect their growth. The conclusion is that the radiation can cause the lots of side effects not only for the adults but significantly young children.

The author, Marie Cheour, who is a PH.D in cognitive psychology from the University of Helsinki. She has published almost 50 articles and journals in the peer-reviewed publications in the Nature. She is well qualified to undertake this research and this journal is reliable to be used. In this article, the strength of the article is that there are some detailed information of the specific brain radiation. But the article provides a limited insight into the solution.

The author did not mention some solutions about how to solve and avert the problems. Furthermore, there are no charts, graphs, such textual features in the journal and cannot provide the vivid impression to the readers. The text can be well related to the topic and show some information about health hazard, especially for the children.

Risks of Cellphones and ELF RadiationTimothy Conway, PhD, available from:http://www.rare-leadership.org/the_risks_of_cellphones.html [Accessed 30 Dec. 2012]The journal is chosen from the Rare-Leadership, an authoritative and international website that mainly shows the risk of the radiation.

The information in the journal is some letters and news in the current situation. The journal shows the first-hand and reliable information to figure out the harmfulness of the cellphones. After the news, some responses are following the news and show the opinions of the citizens about the issues. The main idea of the article is to show how the cellphones affect the humans.

The author, named Timothy Conway, is the famous expert which honor a good reputation in his area. The conclusion is that the cellphone did have something side effect on the growth of the human beings, like the skin cancer and then lead to the EMF radiation can produce side effect on the people.

The strengths of the journal is to use a creative form including the news, letters and the response of the citizens. This kind of form which use real examples can persuades the reader easy to believe the idea they want to convey. The limitation of the journal is even if the journal show the effects of the EMF radiation, it still does not mention about the solutions of the question. The information in the journal is really related to what I want to write in the journal. The cellphone can be the symbol of EMF facilities, so I can give specific example to show my opinion.

The danger of EMF radiation and what we can do to improve our health in today’s polluted world. Steve Gamble, available from:

http://www.equilibrauk.com/emfsbio.shtml[Accessed 13 Jan, 2013]

The journal is selected from the “equilibrauk”, a website which are contributed to the balance of the human beings and some new high technologies and how to protect earth and human beings. This qualitative study examined the danger of the EMF radiation and find out some findings available to some people who suffer from the cancer. Can radiation from all electrical wiring, equipment, power lines, substations and even battery operated items affect out biophysical and biological bodies, damage, alter our DNA and lead to illness and disease?

This journal give the answers to the above question. The information comes from some famous organization like National Committee on Radiological Protection and Microwave News. The conclusion is the EMF radiation actually does some bad for human even if there are much convenient they will provide and there are solutions to help people maintain and keep healthy.

The strengths of the journal is that not only give some examples of the EMF equipment, but give the solutions of it. It shows a lot of facilities included the mobile phone, electrical wiring, power line and etc. The solutions is to help people to avoid the effect. There are some quite a lot websites that do not contain solutions and give puzzle to the readers. The limitation of the journal is not to show the charts of graphs in the journal. Providing some raw data and chart can make the journal more accessible and reliable. The journal is the most comprehensive one, so I will choose this in my article.