Racial Disparity in Criminal Justice

Classical Black Nationalism: From the American Revolution to Marcus Garvey by Jeremiah Moses speaks about the oppressions and sufferings of the people of color in America who are still under the worst segregations race, color and ethnicity. The political activism and the power of the opinions of the author still work for the oppressed group. Delany himself went to Africa to study the conditions that were prevailing there to plan the emigration of the African Americans. He planned the emigration of people of color to Africa as he thought they would experience more political and social freedom there.

Race, Class and Gender in the United States by Paula S. Rothenberg explains ‘power’ with respect to gender, race and class. It is a comprehensive collection of informative essays. Race, Class and Gender in the United States is a thought-provoking book. It is too deep and is very much enlightening. The book is quite easy to read and involves several insightful essays. The author emphasizes issues of gender and class and explains how it influences power. The book is indeed a great resource for teachers and facilitators and is highly recommended for history and sociology students.

The book examines the various dynamics of power on the basis of different social divisions. Immigrants are negatively privileged and suffer distinctions and insults wherever they go. Examples of individual racism comprise an employer not willing to hire a person of an inferior race, an institution not willing to give admission to a person who is of a weak ethnicity, a hospital unwilling to provide necessary service to an individual of lower class. In certain work places whites rule over people of color and abuse them whenever they get a chance. Black employees have to suffer insult and ill-treatment from their white superiors.

They are denied promotion and are not given any respect. They are given tough duties and are unnecessarily fired from the service. Researchers (at University of Chicago) found out that there is extensive discrimination in the workplace towards applicants whose names sound ‘black’. Segregation of immigrants affects our soceity in several ways. Economically, poverty gets concentrated in the poor neighborhoods (where minorities reside) thereby limiting the fiscal capacity of the minority municipalities, and resulting in poor resources and infrastructures in minority neighborhoods.

This has ultimately end up in low standard schools, low quality libraries, poor public spaces, and has resulted in the unavailability of essential services like fire services, law enforcement services, improved transportation options and so forth. Segregation of immigrants must be eliminated from the society at any cost

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