Racial Achievement Gap in the United States

The racial achievement gap in the United States is the educational disparities between various ethnic groups. It is more manifests in African-America and Hispanic. These ethnic groups happen because students of those race are more likely to receive low grade in school, on their standardize test, even drop out of high school and is less likely to even attend college.

Each student is independent and gains more equal opportunities as the same as other student who they attend school with. Throughout the American history, the improvement of citizenship in the educational system is the continual process compare with the past, because the minority of the student is even more independent and is equal in the present. However, the unequal economic gap and the different of the individual ability that has led the achievement gap grow in American society today. Over the last couple of years the united states student had make notable in academic achievement but however the racial gap remain the same.

The favorable academic achievement is necessary to help the student gain the equal access to the education. For most minorities the education would make them have the higher spending on effort, time and money. Particularly, some lower income family student who even give up their education due to financial problem, which lend them to lose the opportunity to accept the higher education. According to the article written by Sabrina Travernise, which quote “a study that found that gap in the standardized test scores between affluent and lower income students had grown by above 40 percent since the 1960s”.

The racial gap testing is now double between the blacks and whites. From 2007 to 2009 the achievement gap for the majority still stayed the same. For example the minority students occupy the large ratio of the poverty student. In many of the lower income families, the student who usually spend much less money in tuition and some of them will still don’t really care about how the education system goes. In situation like this many student have the much weaker academic competition than the students and making most of them get the lower average in the standardized test scores. As a result they are arranged together in the lower level class. Unquestionably they so etime separate most of the white students where they can’t share some of the knowledge with the other kids. Also according to the US Department of Education the event dropout rate is the percentage of high school student who dropped out between beginnings of one school year to the next.

Lacking of the educational resource is the most common factor which produces the difference on individual ability between the minority and the white student. Both the family and the school play the essential role in affecting the development the student’s ability. As a presence of the investigation, the children usually have the better IQ number in the good home environment. The difference of the individual ability between the minority student and the white student that makes the achievement gap increase. In today educational system, the student is separated from the different program and school according to their academic degree; this is also the unequal treatment among the different races of students because it never creates the equal opportunity to the lower- GPA minority students.

For example, many lower level class students are only taught to use the simple academic skill in class, and then their ability won’t promote in the faster rate. In addition to their naturalistic interest are usually ignored due to the less education resource when they are distributed to them. As a result the student won’t have the good prospect in future even if they are educated. The teaching quality and the outcome of the educational resources that both of them have the direct relationship in affecting the achievement gap. Therefore we should make more efforts to improve the current educational system.

The educational inequality is differentiating the social class in America. In today’s society, earning the college degree or accepting the higher education have become the foremost condition in finding the job. However, the educational inequality affects the occupational success of people. The most obvious evidence is that the lower income workers have a lot of financial problem. In 2011 72% of African American student structure does affect their educational goal and expectation also they growing up in a single parent homes on educational attainment and success. The government and the people have the responsibility and obligation to aid at the weak group of people. Most Hispanic who is immigrating to American only sees to themselves a high school diploma, where they think it a sufficient amount of schooling.

In summary as the circumstances that is placed above, the development of the American economy depend upon the development of the American educational system, which has also the essential impact to people’s life. Therefore, the government should continually improve the rule of educational system. Creating more opportunities and distributing the more educational resources to the minority student no matter how their individual ability is.