Race and Douglass Massey

?According to Douglass Massey, what makes America so exceptional? Explain globalization’s effects on inequality in the United States. According to Douglass Massey, what makes America so exceptional is “among developed nations for the amount of inequality it tolerates” (Massey 22). Globalization happens all around the world but, only in the United States inequality is getting out of hand. Globalization’s effects on inequality in United States is after the end of the New Deal coalition the rich got richer and the poor got poorer. The new realignment favored the rich in the expense of middle and lower classes.

The poor was taxed more and the rich were taxed less. Tarry Hum’s article (“Persistent Polarization.. ”) provides a profile of the city’s current labor force. What does Hum mean by “persistent polarization”? Compare per capita income and rates of unemployment among different racial and ethnic groups in New York City. – In Tarry Hum’s article “Persistent Polarization” means the large gap of employment in terms of race, gender, and nativity. For instance, language, proficiency, and education. In terms of race, African Americans, Latinos, and Asians (minorities) were making up 70-75% of the workforce.

I’m not really understanding the second part of the question but, I’ll take a go at it. – According to the data, Immigrants aren’t happy about their working condition and wages. The data shows that immigrants works most insecure jobs such as construction and transportation. Some of these jobs are also very high risk yet they get paid below average wages. Does Katherine Newman (author of “Working Lives”) subscribe to the “poverty as pathology” idea that people are poor because they are lazy/have no work ethic/don’t try to get a job? Support your answer with evidence from her article.

Katherine Newman thinks that if people work hard they should be rewarded. This also doesn’t mean that people in poverty deserves their low standard of living. This means if you work hard you should be rewarded and if you don’t you don’t deserve anything from the goverment. Individuals that lacks work ethics should not be compensated by the states. Not only do they not deserve it they didn’t even try. She thinks that personal failure they are resistaing the econmic and social program. An individual, if you’re not smart and poor and whatever it means it only mean you’re failing yourself and not because the states didn’t do anything for you.