Rabbit proof fence writing task

1) The fence is designed for keeping farmers on one side and the aboriginal people on the other side. The fence is a symbol for racial separation and the movie is called Rabbit Proof Fence because it’s very important for directions and guidance back to Jigalong, and also because the tracker and the police uses it for their own purposes, but luckily Daisy and Molly travels along the wrong fence in the beginning of their quest for meeting back up with their mom. 2) I thought of the Jigalong depot as a train station, with a gocart track in the backyard, just without gocarts and a track to drive on.

It was also kind of groom and dark place, only two men sitting there all day long handing out food and supplies for the local natives, and helping out the Protector if they had to. I think of the place as a working area, dead almost all hours of the day, all year, much like Lysaker. 3) When the police offiser arrives at first, the music is silent, and the tension is only like a weak breeze, but when you see the faces of the mothers and how scared they look, the feelings starts to flow. The police offiser drives faster than they can run, and stop in front of them.

The kids scream as their lives are about to end very suddenly. And it was very touching when the old lady would try to hit the officer with a stick. But I have to admit that when all the kids are taken into the car, and the three women run after the car and falls down synchronized, I laughted a little bit though. I didn’t really listen to the music that much, but it was probably moving. 4a) I imagine the oldest one, Molly to be frustrated and angry, Gracie to be shocked, and a little distant and Daisy to be quite confused and longing after her mother.

b) I do believe that some of the weaker children maybe, or dumber would accept their fate, and see their cause for freedom as useless. They would most likely think that doom will soon come, or maybe something or someone rescues them from their agony and suffering. Those who wanted to escape had a cause for escaping, like the first girl who wanted to see her boyfriend again, but happened in the Boob. But Molly and the girls could not take their minds off their mom and family.

The reason their escape was successful was because Molly was clever and told them to leave when the rain came, so the tracks would disappear and finding them would be hard for The Tracker. 5) I do believe he would have found the girls quite early, but when I saw the Protector reject his question for freedom for both he and his daughter, I knew he would turn on them and pretend he couldn’t find the girls. He felt that he had lost the battle for his daughter. I did feel sorry for him. 6) Mr. Neville.

I was the girl you called a half caste and had thrown into a wall- less prison with my cousin and sister. 30 years have gone by, and the memories of the foul facility I was in still hurts me in my sleep. The way you treated our great people was disgusting. Herding “third world races” like we were some kind of animals. It just makes me sick. I am glad to tell you that I have gotten myself a job as a secretary at a local brewing company up in Broome. Trying to terminate a whole race of people makes you a sad man. The goverment should have thrown you into a prison instead of Aboriginals.

Shame on you for your work and your presence in this world. Molly craig. 7) I did not know of the terrible conditions in the Moore River Settlement was so bad as it was. It was much like a german concentration camp without work. Missionary work is forcing other people into their own religion and makes their work bad. 8) When first captain Cook arrived in Australia, not long from Sidney, the Aboriginals were often friendly people and wouldn’t harm the newcomers. But when more and more Europeans came and settled down in their new life in a new world, they needed land.

And much like the Americans, they carried diseases and weapons. They killed and raped, plundered land and the few valuable things they had, and also gave them diseases that were new to the indigenous people. The whites killed thousands and thousands, and on top of that, diseases killed even more. And as soon almost all the land was taken, they were put in camps all around Australia, and given rations they needed. If the aboriginals would refuse to give up their land, they would be killed on the spot by the modern guns the British had.

Aboriginals were often friendly people, and they lived in small tribes spread around Australia, and they were very spiritual. They would often perform spirituals with the whole tribe, and connect with animals and ancestors. They were very happy until the day of doom. The new settlers. Today there is about 70 000 aboriginals in Australia, and few of them live like their grandfathers would. Aboriginal art is popular, along with the well known digeridoo. As late as 2008, the Australian goverment would give an official apologize to the whole Aborginial people.