Quality and status

If you know that when you buy a product you are getting a well made and quality product then you then for example you know if a car is safe if it is well put together. Also if it is a well, put together car, such as, a Mercedes Benz, the car is not only a sign that it is of that but it is also a sign that gives you status and people will stare and say wow you have a "Benz!" It gives you a sense of prestige and prowess. Language use: superlatives e.g. wonderful, best ever, new, only, reduced.

If the advert uses superlatives the viewer of the advertisement will think that the product must be good if it is their "best ever" product. For example if it was the "best ever" movie directed by a particular director you are going to want to watch it. If a product is described as wonderful people are bound to want to buy it and try it out to see if it really is what the advertisement says it is. This is a very good way of selling a product because if lots of people buy the product to see if it is as good as the advertisement says it is or to prove the advertisers wrong.

Exclusivity: e.g. BMW If a product is "exclusive" it means that it is one of very few or it is very expensive. The dictionary definition of "exclusive" is as follows below: "Excluding everything else; not shared; catering for a privileged minority." Taken from WHSmith new edition mini English dictionary. The best advert I think to show exclusivity is that a boy is shown washing a car, he then goes to the house which the car is parked at, then he rings the doorbell and a man comes to the door, the man then holds out his hand and the boy hands him a fiver. This advert was for a Lexus and is meant to show that it is a pleasure to wash the car, so much so that the boy is willing to pay for the pleasure. If it is such a pleasure to wash this shows how exclusive the car really is and not many people have a Lexus because of that exclusivity.

Ubiquitous nature of product: seen everywhere, everyone has one (e.g. mobile phones). This is the best advert in my opinion. The reason for this is that mobile phones are now a "must have" fashion accessory. This means that everyone will want one and once you get one there is bound to be another in style mobile so then you want that one and so on and so forth. This constant change in "style" is what makes products of that nature so successful in modern day society.

Free offer A free offer is a good way to get people to try out your product. If a product is then good enough then people can subscribe for, keep or order one. A good example of this sort of advertisement on television is the A.O.L adverts, where you can get fifty hours free on the internet and after that you need to sign up to carry on using the service. This is a very good way to sell your product because the consumer will like it after trying it out and sign up to carry on using the service.