Purpose of Government

The purpose of the government to me is ultimately having responsibility of the individuals living in society as well as the land that those individuals live on. The sole purpose for the government comes down to the wellbeing of individuals and what it can do to make sure that every single person has equal rights and liberties , while bringing stability as well. The most important purpose to me is that the government maintains a stable society. If we did not have stability, then I don’t think we would be where we are today. Stability to me is having control of society, while society determines who has that control.

We are allowed to vote and have free speech, which in return, lets society as a whole elect who we think will look out for our individual interest, as well as the society as a whole. A big contributor to having stability is human nature. It is on us as a society to help protect each other from the ones that choose not to adhere to the rules in place to help keep that stability. We as society need some sense of civic sense and responsibility to be able to not only look out for each other, but help enforce the rules set in place to keep a safe and friendly environment.

As human nature would have it, we cannot predict how another human being will act toward another or even act out when put in a certain setting. Therefore, we need the government to make laws that can prevent or detour negative acts while among society. Another factor for stability in society is having economic stability. Without economic stability, the society would become stagnant and would not be able to grow, therefore making it difficult to stabilize. Not having economic stability makes society have a negative outlook for consumer spending. Not having society spend hurts the growth of the economy.

Another example for the purpose of government is taking care of society not only physically but mentally. Government should be in charge of educating every single member of society equally. Each individual should get the opportunity to attend an adequate school from the time they are young, and all the way up to being a young adult. After that it is on the individual to attend an institute of higher learning. The government should be held accountable for making sure each individual gets the best education possible. Society should not only get the best education, they should get the best education facilities as well.

We as a society have the right to receive and attend the best facilities, because the government has taxes in place to do so. Everyone who has worked has had a proportion of their earnings garnished to help fund the education system along with many other government run programs. While taking care of the individual mentally, taking care of the individual physically is just as important in my opinion. Without the proper healthcare, society as a whole would not be able to function properly and regress into an unstable society. Having acceptable healthcare for every individual would allow society to be more balanced.

We as a society would not have to spend tax money on people that cannot afford healthcare, therefore spending the money elsewhere to better the society as a whole. If everyone started out with healthcare, we would not have those issues to begin with. Every person should have the option to get healthcare regardless of employment status or which social class he or she is categorized in. The government does have a system in place where an individual can receive medical attention even if they do not or cannot afford health insurance without going financially broke after care is given.

If the individual cannot get proper care from the government, that individual becomes a burden indirectly on society financially. Along with receiving proper healthcare, the government also needs to provide acceptable healthcare facilities. These facilities should meet the expectations of the government as well the individual receiving the healthcare. The facilities should be able to meet the requirements of the individual based on what they need as well as any special needs such as a specialist or a physical therapist and so on.

The facilities should we easily accessible as far as driving distance and should be open any time of the day they should need help. The government should be able to maintain an ambulance service for any type of accident that occurs or if an individual needs assistance getting to a medical facility. An individual should be able to get in home care or in case of an emergency, an ambulance can drive to a patient’s residence. Another Important responsibility of government would be public safety. The government is in charge of keeping law and order among society through the police department as well as the courts system.

The government is tasked with protecting the people that cannot protect themselves. An individual should feel safe being out among society without the fear of something bad happening to them. Along with protecting the innocent, they need to handle the ones that cannot abide by society’s laws. The government is tasked with making sure that the punishment fits the crime. To be able to keep peace among society and have laws in place that deters individuals from wanting to break those laws. Another purpose of government is to represent the society and make good decisions based on people’s needs and wants.

It is up to us who we think will look out for our best interest and who we can trust to do so. The majority of the people in power, we as a society have put them there to represent us from the smallest town all the way up to the states level. Not only are the elected officials in charge of working on the present, they need to be looking out for the wellbeing of our society in the future. They need to be making sure that there is a vision and goal that we are trying to obtain, and not just standing still.

All the above mentioned, work hand in hand of building a strong and stable society and without it, we would have a difficult time moving forward. In conclusion, while the majority of responsibility falls on the government to make society work, it is up to us as individuals to do right and help the process go farther along. The government alone cannot make us function properly on a day in and day out basis. The laws and rules of society are there in place and it is up to us to follow them. The government only has so much power to enforce the rules, individuals make the choice whether or not the consequences are too high of a cost to pay.