Public Policy Essay Sample

It has been observed that false and improper evidence in many jurisdictions has emphasized an important issue in our system. It is suggested that oversight commission should be introduced to make independent audits and investigations of forensic laboratories. Evidence of exculpatory nature: Police should make good efforts to get identifiable exculpatory evidence. Courts should be strict towards this and should reverse conviction obtained and should not hesitate to inflict sanctions on prosecutors who indulge in violations of these rules.

Jailhouse informants: Court should cautiously examine the statement of the jailhouse informants and should demand full revelation of entire details of benefits offered and inculcate juries as to the innate perils in their testimony. [American Judicature Society, 2006]. CONCLUSION: One has to be proud of USA’s highly sophisticated criminal justice system. USA is the only country in the world which has given so much independence to judiciary. Supreme Court has even the power to appraise the activities of both state and federal governments and come to a conclusion whether a law enacted by them is valid under US constitution.

In some cases , US supreme court even gone to the extent of nullifying laws enacted by Congress and even categorically declared that some actions pursued by US presidents were unconstitutional. To make a foolproof and highly dependable Criminal Justice System, USA has to introduce the aforesaid reforms immediately to make judiciary more impartial and independent. In a normal parlance, cases are fairly and fully investigated by the police, defense lawyers and prosecutors dynamically present their arguments and evidence and trial judges make sure to offer fair proceedings.

However, in many cases, total flaws in the system lead to wrongful convictions, with irreversible and damaging losses, which results in perpetration of more crimes by the criminals. It is to be noted that no system can ever be totally perfect but at the same time no system that intends to criminal justice can moderately resist reforms that have been established to minimize the error rate. [American Judicature Society, 2006].


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