Public Policy Summary

The Hispanic community of US and New Jersey in particular form a sizable number of the total population. Even though the Hispanic community has progressed by leaps and bounds in the civil rights movement over the past 60 years, which has guaranteed their basic fundamental rights, but still it is at crossroads with issues like economic empowerment and financial freedom. Economic empowerment is the biggest cause of concern for the Hispanic community living in New Jersey because it is linked with various other issues. Solving the issue of economic empowerment will solve other problems and issues which are related to it.

The American society is a capitalist democracy which means that a social group cannot effectively participate in democracy unless that group has some economic empowerment. In other words economic empowerment is a prerequisite to effective participation in democracy. Therefore, in order to have an equal participation of all the social groups in the decision making process, which is actually the essence of American democracy, it is imperative for the government to ensure that the Hispanic community has the same economic and financial opportunities and rights like other societies currently residing in New Jersey.

Even though a look at history suggests that when it comes to economic empowerment the Hispanic community has not been fairly treated by the decision makers but still there is light at the end of the tunnel. Various multinational and local firms have realized the fact that the Hispanic community forms a sizeable number of their market and it cannot afford to ignore their preferences and tastes.

For example, various firms have made ads in Spanish so as to target the Hispanic community which has proved to be very successful. To conclude, although the Hispanic community right now enjoys little economic empowerment but it is making good progress towards that goal. Reference George, 1990, The new civil rights movement: economic empowerment. Retrieved Dec 21, 2008, from web title: www. heritage. org Wong, 2004, corporations and Hispanics, Retrieved Dec 21, 2008, from web title: www. hacr. org