Public Leadership Project Essay

* Mission Statement * The club’s mission statement stated in our constitution is, “Bringing Business Relations and fun to STLCC and the Wildwood Community; motivating students to join and become informed about Business. Members learn and experience real life business through hands-on activities empowering their knowledge and connections to the business world. ” With this I feel by getting more students involved and gaining the amount needed at the budget will allow the club to do activities and really accomplish our mission statement.

* Strategy

* My strategy, as president of the business club, is to set goals and steps along the way to achieve what we need to in the end. As Covey said in Habit Two, “begin with the end in mind. ” I plan on setting many goals (as shown below), and by having committees and throughout weekly meetings, achieving each goal. The goals will be set towards gaining new members (promotional products like t shirts, pens, and stress balls), broadening our reach through students and the community as well as, making new traditions at the college and hosting events getting even more involved.

* Goals * 1- Practicing leadership by empowering, encouraging and influencing others to get involved in the student body * 2- Making t shirts to promote and unite the club members as a whole * 3- Get sufficient amount of money in the budget meeting allowing us to move forward with future ideas * 4- Pick out promotional items for next year’s orientation sessions * 5- Start a chapter of Phi Beta Lambda * 6- Have a bowling for scholars team to give back to the community

* Tactics (for each goal)

* 1- I will exercise leadership behaviors within the group as an individual and team leader every day and at every meeting. With so much to do I must align values, meaning and purpose, have win/ win agreements, then delegate responsibilities and authority while supporting and coaching. With this I can have committees help plan events and the budget meeting sheets as well as help to order the t shirts and pick out the promotional items. Everyone in the club will also be helping on a fundraiser and joining the club in our bowling for scholar’s charity event.

I will show each team member my character, integrity and how I am principle centered. Since there is delegation to be done and some projects and research will be dependent upon others, I will make sure to gain trust from all, and have trust given to all. We will all not have a reason to not trust one another. By being a member of this club and supporting our mission statement, a person is pursuing a purpose and meaning beyond themselves. * 2- In order to make shirts we must call three different vendors and get quotes from each.

We must also get shirt sizes from all members and sponsors of the club and decide the extra shirt sizes. From there we have to design the shirts, choose colors and a quote for the back of the shirt. This will be addressed at weekly meetings and delegated off to others to call vendors. * 3- For the budget meeting there is a lot to do. The club must organize an entire plan for every penny that will be spent and earned within the next year. So for each event we had to plan out everything needed and from that look up prices plus shipping and tax.

From that we will also need grand totals for each event, some items we are willing to throw out, and others that are very important. We will need reasons of why we want money for each objective and have to have our own arguments for this at the meeting. From this delegations were made and many weekly and plus more meetings as needed were attended. * 4- At the weekly meetings the club must agree on a specific vendor to get all promotional items from. Then we will pick which items to use—leading to the club picking a specific design and color scheme for the items.

Delegations were in order to compare vendor prices and options. Discussions held at weekly meetings will be needed to choose products. * 5- Phi Beta Lambda would enable members to be more involved, go to international competitions in their degree in business, and open up possibilities to scholarships. To achieve this goal I must get the proposal approved by campus life and campus president and from there we must have the funds to cover membership and new chapter fees. Many meetings will be needed as well as many emails and personal chats with campus life to keep the idea rolling.

Research will need to be done in order to meet guidelines to start a new chapter. * 6- Members will need to be chosen and the club must find a sponsor to pay for our team to bowl. We will push to find a sponsor that will go all out and make signs. Each bowler will be asking around for sponsors. Multiple meeting discussions held to determine best people available for the day of the event. * Measurements * 1- My leadership qualities and empowerment will be determined by how many of our goals we reach. I will show this as a fraction.

Also this will be looked at from a member’s point of view, seeing if any have convinced and influenced friends to join the club. * 2- This will be determined by how quickly we get the shirts ordered and how much information I get from others to move forward with the idea. * 3- This will be measured by much money we get compared to how much we ask for. I will also look at how many events of the total we planned we can still accomplish with the money received. * 4- This will be measured by whether or not the promotional items are picked out within two meetings.

This means all research and delegation will be done quickly with quick decisions. * 5- This will be measured by the information we have on hand after this project is complete and whether or not we have the OK from campus life. * 6- This will be successful if we get five proactive and excited bowlers as well as a proactive sponsor that is making signs and more! * Overall: I will measure my overall success in how many of my goals I achieved as well as how much I have learned from the experience. * Consequences * 1- I will prove to myself that public leadership is something I do without noticing much.

I will also empower myself to empower others. Another thing is that members of the club will become inspired to really be proactive within the club. * 2- The club will unite with shirts and be promoted to future members. * 3- A success in this allows the club to start ordering and planning for events. * 4- This will engage more students and inspire them to become members of our club. This also lets members work on their degree seeking skills in business. * 5- * 6- * Overall: Project Results * Evaluation * 1- * 2- * 3- * 4- * 5- * 6- * Overall: * Summary