Psychology of Crime Research Paper

The cheater theory and the r/k theory are used to explain sexual crimes and are part of the broad based evolutionary theory. This paper seeks to discuss the aspects of these two theories, which I think are plausible and are evidenced in the society. The r/k theory categorizes men as part of the R organisms due to the fact that they can reproduce faster and they do not invest much of their effort as well as their time in their children hence they are more venerable to sexual crimes.

On the other hand, females are depicted to belong to the K organisms that reproduce slowly and invest much of their time and effort in caring for their offspring hence they are less vulnerable to sexual crimes. In my opinion, this aspect is valid and is evidenced in the society because most of the sexual crimes such as rape are committed by men. Still to be noted here is the domestic violence and women battering which common among the men than in women because they do not fit in the R category.

The cheater theory on the other hand holds that some males evolved with the gene, which rendered them sexually active with many females so that they can have as many offspring as possible to ensure their survival but with little investment to the offspring. In my opinion, I think that this approach to criminology is evidenced in the society where men tend to get involved in sexual behaviors with minors, have many children but becomes irresponsible to their children who grows with the same attitude of irresponsibility like their fathers.