Psychology of Health in the Workplace

In my essay I will discuss the relationship between health and psychology in the workplace. When people make certain lifestyle choices it can really affect these areas. My essay, will also include some examples of lifestyle choices that deal with personal health and what can reduce illnesses.

People want the ability to be successful in relationships in and out of the workplace, so understanding how health and psychology relate to each other can help an individual with the ability to be successful in these areas. Health can be defined when an individual has a good state of mental, social, and physical well-being. Psychology can be defined when an individual understands the mind and how the mind relates to behaviors. The main goal when studying psychology is understanding, the behaviors of an individual or group by general principles and research.

The way health and psychology works together is to promote an individual with a sound state of mind, optimal physical health, and then the social should fall into place. The way a person lives their life daily can determine any health factors they may have in the future.

The way a person eats daily is an example. If an individual eats a healthy balanced meal daily and exercises then they are less likely to acquire any diseases such as obesity, cancer, heart disease, or emphysema. These diseases are common with people who choose to consume unhealthy diets, refrain from any physical activity, and make choices like excessive alcoholic beverages or smoking.

Maintaining healthy food choices along with some type of physical activity will balance the mind and promotes the ability to make good choices. When an individual has high levels of anxiety, it can increase the chance of developing other illnesses. When an individual has high anxiety, it is hard for them to focus in the workplace, and maintain a normal behavior.

A anxiety disorder can occur when an individual is working in a stressful atmosphere. Working at a stressful job will cause worry for a person and then they become anxious and this will affect their work performance. Millions of people are affected, with this anxiety and it is the most common disorder in the United States.

To reduce the chance of an individual experiencing anxiety they can do daily activities such as yoga, exercising, or meditating. By practicing these daily activities and making good choices it will enable an individual to perform at a higher capacity in the workplace. When an individual makes choices that affect their health, then it can affect how they perform in the workplace.

An example of this would be an individual who drinks alcohol daily, because they will start to show signs of having an unhealthy mind, poor physical health, ability to think straight, and unable to make clear choices. If an individual consumes alcohol over a period of time then it can become a health issue. Once co-workers feel they cannot trust an individual’s judgment, because they abuse alcohol, then it will make the workplace uncomfortable.

Our eating habits will determine our future’s health, so it is important to make good choices with our daily diet. Eating a healthy diet will decrease an individual’s chance of getting a chronic disease. Making good choices about our health will promote a healthy state of mind and help individuals to be successful in or out of the workplace.

To live a happy and balanced life, and individual needs to find ways to reduce stress, and enhance their daily lifestyle. References Anxiety and Panic Disorders Health Center; retrieved from WebMd (March 2012) An Overview of Psychology and Health retrieved from John Wiley and Sons Inc.(2011,2008,2006,2002)