Psychological Observation

The intention of this paper is to solely provide an observation of a person, someone who I myself am familiar with. Someone I know enough to describe in a psychological aspect. This paper will not serve as a diagnosis for any mental illness or behavior. For this observation I have chosen a friend, whose name will be withheld to protect his identity. I will refer to this friend as Buck Johnson.

Buck Johnson is a 25 year old single male of Hispanic descent. Originally from New York City, Buck now lives in a small town in Bergen County. Buck is a part-time student at Farleigh Dickinson University, studying Radiography. Aside from attending college, Buck also has a full time job managing a privately owned security company, as well as a weight lifting gym. Buck is generally a very busy person with much to do.

I decided to observe Buck at his job at the weight lifting gym, communicating with colleagues compared to how he communicates with members. When my observations began, I noticed how jovial Buck seemed, and how talkative he was with other employees of the company. At the time I was observing him, not many members were in the gym. As the time progressed, more members would come in, and Bucks demeanor would slowly shift back and forth. I noticed that, as more members came in that he did not know, the quieter and timid Buck seem to become. As the day went on, more members were in the gym that Buck had known personally, and Buck seemed to be rejuvenated and joyous again.

In conclusion, in reviewing my results it seems as though Buck is not as outwardly expressive or as outgoing as he is around members of the gym he did not know, compared to when he is surrounded by employees or members he does know.