Psa Poster Copy

• Promoting secular interests and acceptance • Edgy image • Headline and 100-150 words of copy Strategic Problem: With the recent resurgance of near puritanism in the United States, the Canadian Secular Alliance has been losing members due to fear of persecution. With the decline of membership, the Alliance has been struggling to remove “advancement of religion” as a grounds for charity status. The charity status allows religious groups to avoid taxes and impacts the Canadian budget over 1 billion dollars annually.

By the goverment controlling the flow of assistance through taxes recieved from religious groups, social services will be distributed equally and not just to the religious. Target Market: • Left leaning, scientific minded • Young - Middle aged (18-45) • Mid to high income bracket • Progressive • Religous moderates, agnostics or atheists Benefit or Appeal: Removing the charity status benefits both sides. With the money that will go back into the budget from the taxes, more can be done for the community.

Creative Theme: The poster will display very attention demanding images. ? memo Re: Secular Alliance Typical Person in Target Market: Annie Somerhalder is a 28 year old systems analyst, and recent mother. She lives in Barrie with her husband, newborn baby, and pet cat Sam. Annie and her husband have recently purchased a house and have begun considering taxes in their every day life more. Annie is an Atheist and her husband is an apathetic agnostic. They have a small group of friends who they regularly visit for dinner.

Their typical dinner conversation is light and rarely veers towards politics or taxes, but has increasingly involved religion, and their distaste for it. They do not consider themselves to be activists but would like to become more involved now that they have a child. Statement of Purpose: This PSA is trying to get voters and tax payers involved and informed with a call to action as its conclusion. The call to action gives readers the opportunity to visit the website for more information or go a step beyond and write their local MP. ??

HELP CANADA RECLAIM OVER $1 BILLION ANNUALLY Organized religions are not required to pay taxes. Taxes which are used to fund universal health care, public transportation, and other beneficial social services that are available to all Canadians. How are these groups avoiding their obligations to assist their fellow Canadians? Religious groups are currently covered under a provision of the charitable status tax exemption titled “advancement of religion”. Financial support of organized religion from the Government has become increasingly unpopular.

In a September 2010 poll, 64% of Canadians responded “religious beliefs promote intolerance, exacerbate ethnic divisions and impede social progress. ” The Canadian Secular Alliance is looking to further progression in separating the church and state by ceasing the antiquated tradition of not taxing religious groups. By removing “advancement of religion” as a justification for charitable status tax exception, the Canadian Government will bring in over $1 billion in tax revenue. Help Canada save taxpayers’ money by visiting our website, or by writing to your local MP.