Providing Strength for America’s Army

Every organization, be it government, private or non-profit, has a pre-defined recruitment policy. The prime objective of this policy is to subject qualified potentials to a series of tests and interviews thereby enabling the selection of the most suitable candidate. Naturally, every recruiting organization tests those physical and intellectual abilities of individuals that will be required to assume the future role of the job. Role of a US Army Recruiter A recruiter is commissioned for the purpose of selecting and recruiting soldiers for the US Army.

He/she serves as the basic unit of USAREC. Selection Process All candidates desirous of serving as a US Army recruiter need to fill out the application form which is available online as well as in print version. Recruitment for the post is scheduled to take place twice every year unless major dearth in personnel occurs. On such occasions, recruitment takes place any time of the year. The recruitment process consumes 6-8 weeks. Only those individuals are eligible to apply who meet the 23-point eligibility criteria found on USAREC’s website (http://www.

usarec. army. mil/im/formpub/Forms. htm). Some of the important selection conditions are highlighted below. 1. Meet a minimum physical profile standard of 132221. 2. Not having any bankruptcy in the last 5 years. 3. Not be a single parent. 4. Be in possession of a valid driver’s license with no reckless driving record. 5. Must fall within the Age criteria. Challenges faced by USAREC in recruiting. 1. USAREC is in fierce competition with the other military branches that all try to enlist maximum candidates to join those particular branches. 2.

Support groups: Friends and family play a key role in the decision making of the candidates. Many candidates who fulfill selection criteria are dissuaded into finding another career. Aftermath of the Selection All the successful candidates are subjected to a rigorous 6 week training program after which they begin to discharge official duties. Training is provided on the principles of leadership, eligibility, prospecting and interviewing, army programs and time management.


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