Protected characteristic

If you are experiencing difficulties or have concerns about certain issues at your place of work you may be wondering what aspects of employment are covered by law. Every aspect of employment is covered by the law in order to ensure that employees and their employers are treated fairly and respectfully in the work place. For example, employment law covers matters of discrimination and unfair treatment within the workplace, ensuring that employees cannot be abused or treated unfairly due to their race, age, gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected characteristic.

Also including rights to a minimum wage and reasonable working hours, and health and safety regulations to ensure that employees do not come to any harm. The law also entitles some employees to redundancy payments when they are made redundant, and allows them to take their employer to an employment tribunal if they have been unfairly dismissed. However, employment law does protect employers too, allowing them to fire employees if their work is not up to par, or if they commit gross misconduct.

Employment contracts also fall under the umbrella of employment law, and these affect both employers and employees. The employment contract, as with any legal contract, sets out the obligations and rights of each party. An employment contract will set out the employees terms of employment, detailing the responsibilities of the employee’s job, how much he or she will be paid, and what rights they will be afforded as part of their contract (vacation time, for example).