Protect your country

Citizenship Coursework A: Work Experience In this piece of coursework I am going to write about my work experience with the Army. The Army is an international force that works as a force to initially protect their country. There are many different career paths to be taken in the Army from a serving soldier to a mechanical engineer to a medic. The Army can be a very beneficial Career path as there is a lot on offer; you can travel the world, learn new skills, improve your education and have excellent pay. The main purpose of the Army is to fight and protect your country.

I chose to do my work experience with the Army after listening to a presentation on it one assembly. I took the opportunity as I thought it would be a fun new experience. The cost of the Army trip was 75 for 5 Days, Monday to Friday and we would be staying in tents on a camp site. Preparation included meetings during and after school about the trip, there we was told and given vital information such as kit lists , times we would deport and arrive home and the activities we would be doing throughout the week. Some meetings involved parents and letter were given out.

Any other questions we had about the trip were answered. No interview was required as it was a school residential therefore any information needed was passed through school. The campsite was based in the Lake District so we travelled by coach. We set off on Monday 10th July at about 7. 30am. Travelling by coach gave me a lot of time to think as it took 3 and a half hour to get there. I thought the trip would include lots of fitness type exercises and adventurous activities. I felt nervous and excited at the same time. I couldn't wait to get there and see what was in store for us all and get a feel of Army life.

I worried now and again in case I wasn't fit enough. When we arrived at the camp site we was told to sit in a group and listen carefully as we were given a talk on health and safety that applied for throughout the week. Not very interesting but nonetheless essential as some of the activities could be dangerous, we were also briefed about meal times and the following activities; gyll scrambling, canoeing, rock climbing, mountain walking, orienteering, absailing, plunge jumping and the 'go ape' assault course. They all sounded scary but I couldn't wait to get started.

After we were shown our tents and put into groups for the week's activities. The groups were of seven people and we were all mixed up so we didn't have choice of going with friends. It was seen as a community activity because we helped different people physically and mentally, I helped people in my group who I didn't really know or speak to. We did several team building activities throughout the week such as orienteering, canoeing and gyll scrambling, all quite difficult but working as a team made such a difference, to succeed a lot of the activities we depended on your fellow team-mates for support.

I found team work essential in everything we did, it soon came clear that we were put into groups for a reason. I found working as a team can help you learn a lot because you can combine your ideas and skills to create a better outcome. Teamwork is very important and essential in the Army. They are constantly working as one. We worked as a team in everything, even cleaning and washing up! I am going to talk about one of the activities I took part in which is gyll scrambling. In the minibus driving to the lake I was really excited as I had never head of the activity never mind done it!

It was a new experience and I couldn't help feeling nervous as I knew that soon I would be doing an obstacle course in a lake and I am not a very strong swimmer. When we arrived we were given safety kit to put on and guided the way to the lake by two instructors who showed us what to do, it involved climbing up rocks and lakes through waterfalls and going under rocks in the water, it was very difficult because there was a limited amount of foot holes and the rocks were hard to get grip of because they were soaked in water, I really struggled but with the help of my team mates I got through it.

They lifted me up the rocks I couldn't get onto and made sure I got under the stones safely and cheered on for me to carry on. I returned the favour. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't of being able to do it. If we hadn't of worked in groups lots of us would have struggled to finish the course. It was really tiring as the course lasted around 3hours but I managed to do it in the end. I felt like I had achieved something huge, even though all I had done was an obstacle course in water. I was proud that I had done something most people found really difficult.

From this work experience I have gained a lot. I have gained confidence in myself, new skills from working in a team, I have learnt working as a team will always create a better outcome and have a bigger impact, listening and learning from other people has helped me trust people I wouldn't in normal day experiences and I know have an idea of what it will be like in a work placement when I get a job. I found this trip very beneficial and I know that it will stay with me for a long time. I will build on the experience in the future by working in a team more often.