Protect Commoners from Counter-Terrorism

"What if all the terrorists across the globe successfully group together to strike against the authorities they oppose one by one? " "What if even the normal civilians who otherwise have no inklings with terrorism, become disgruntled and frustrated by the constant harassment and/or onslaught/loss of lives, property etc, by the authorities' procedural measures to counter terrorism and join the terrorists ranks surreptitiously? " The general people across the globe are now living on dual edge of terrorism – one by the terrorists, who are up against the authorities, and two, the authorities who are up against them.

In this cruel, inhuman game all over is robbing off the peace, damaging properties, taking millions of innocents' lives, and to top it all- creating a legacy that would, perhaps surpass all the blood smeared pages of History that contain the gory details of World Wars or the Holocaust. Caught in an unforeseen paradox, the commoners are rightfully responding to the process of globalization by choosing to reside or doing trade in another country; and thereafter they are becoming targets of the authorities more often than not as the potential threat to the sovereignty of the land!

And if the socio-ethnic identity of a person matches with the identity of the terrorists, then that would add a perpetual agony to vilified or be killed any time. Amid this situation, the human rights organisations are also becoming the targets of either authorities, or the terrorists. This unbearable circumstance, thus call for a fresh approach to the subject, where terrorism would be curbed without violating human rights. Predictions

The findings of this research would definitely contribute to the Human Rights processes to alleviate the agonized mind of the billions of civilians who want peace and prosperity everywhere in the world. Overall Objective To promote the Human Rights activity across the globe through a unique package of campaign to curb the onslaught on civilians in the name of counter-terrorism. Short-term Objective Formulation of the ideas regarding extensive global campaign to fill this void; it would present a common package that would work in tandem with human rights activity, and would serve the following purpose:

a)    A persuasive tool for the relief of the common man; b)    A tool for the legal authorities to bridge the gap and restore the confidence in them; c)    As a weapon to segregate the terrorists from the common man. Long-term Objective I will break down the central theme into various regional language. Providing updates as and when needed. Introduction Human rights does not oppose the measures that are needed to curb terrorism. But this is also equally important that under no circumstance the fundamental rights of the humans should be vitiated.

These include, right to life, right to freedom from torture in any form, right to freedom of thought and religion,  besides holding the convention that restriction to other rights should also be strictly within the parameters of the international humanitarian law, and has to be temporary in nature and free from any bias of race, colour, sex, language, religion or social origin. Admitted, that there could be events that could override these restrictions due to the magnitude of a terror situation, but that should not be a practice or a scope to establish political agenda or  a means of frustration to act wildly.

These are the acts that work against the social fibres of a country and generates non-confidence on the authorities, not to forget that the sympathy for the oppressed and anger and frustration of the oppressed themselves might take a dangerous bend such as leaning towards terrorism itself. From this point of view, counter-terrorism is a surely an extremely tender issue that almost always directly deals with human emotion and thus commands utmost knowledge, care and caution in its application. This idea garners supports from the words of the U. N.

Secretary-General, said in an open debate of the Security Council's Counter Terrorism Committee in October 2002 : "to pursue security at the expense of human rights is short-sighted, self-contradictory, and, in the long run, self-defeating. ” Background There are countless incidents where the ordinary civilians are harassed by the authorities, between which lying a good many heart-rendering stories. Those incidents involve people from all rank and file and in some cases clearly highlight the blatant ways of various authorities who are using counter-terrorism' as a weapon to political or racial gain.

On the other hand, human rights activities are failing to garner enough support to thwart those atrocities and desperately in need for a new line of campaign. Events from ten countries are cited below to substantiate the above statement. Uzbekistan: One of the most vocal countries against terrorism, Uzbekistan, is in fact using counter-terrorism in its veiled war against Muslims. Since 1998 they have imprisoned thousands of Muslim civilians under the charge of being "religious extremists".

Numerous incidents of torture resulting to death in Uzbek prisons have been reported. And now, it has been reported that they are set to start a trial against a Human Rights Activist, seemingly as a move to crack down on the last of the remaining Human Rights Group, "Human Rights Watch". Thus, Niazova, the activist, has already been vilified with allegations of "trespassing, smuggling and distributing materials causing public disorder", all with "foreign funding". She would face her trial on April 19, 2007, after the Uzbek authorities detained her in December, 2006.