Promote legislation

AFLO-CIO considers having a unique role in building its political power as means of gaining strength for American workers. This is the only effective way the working people can be able to fight back and win in their different places of work. Labor through seeking influence in political power can be able to acquire right to organize, exert leverage on all sorts of employers and have a prevailing breakthroughs. Political and legislative matters are of great importance in the labor.

This is because political action is capable to constrain the forces that are designed to obstruct campaigns and give legal support attempting to exercise their freedom to form union which is a basic human right. Besides this, political action is also integral component in building international solidarity and to ensure better use of workers’ capital resources (http://www. workinglife. org/filebin/fol/AFSCME. pdf, pp 3). Labor unions get involved in politics through making campaigns contribution to party organizations and endorse individual candidates who will advance the interests of working Americans.

By so doing labor unions play significant role in politics through influencing voting behavior of union household voters during elections. A good example of involvement of labor unions in politics is what has been happening in Ontario, US. It has been observed that since the last two elections, there has been increased political involvement by Ontario Construction Trades Council that has made significant difference in the provincial government (Delaney, 2007).

In 2003 the government the Liberal Party won and maintained the majority in 2007 elections as result of the working families’ campaign and coalition of trade unions. This coalition was considered to be an independent non-partisan organization that raised awareness about issues which are critical to the families. In the last year provincial elections working families launched aggressive and successful advertising program and Web site that constantly reminded voters of harm done by Ontario Progressive Conservatives (PCs) to the working families.

By these campaigns union members and other voters were educated on what was happening in provincial election and who to vote for. In another instance, in 2006, Democratic leadership won with six seats needed for majority in Senate whereby this victory can be attributed to union member’s votes by 74% (http://www. aflcio. org/issues/politics/labor2006/, para 1-4). In 2008 presidential election, that was just concluded last month, AFLO-CIO held a forum with Democratic presidential candidates who met the working families.

At this point, these candidates were interrogated by workers on various issues affecting their lives such as jobs, wages, health care, retirement benefits and many more. This gave them an opportunity to make choice on who to vote for. (Solder, para 2-5). By the end of 20th Century, immense impacts of trade unions have been felt. They managed to end child labor practices, improvement of workers safety, and increment of wage for union workers and generally rise of standard to the society as large.

From this discussion labor unions seem to be actively involved in politics to promote legislation that align with interest of the workers. Because the legislators are the ones who are directly being involved with law making processes, if they the are against the demands of the workers to improve their working situation, labor unions are likely to loose as they will lack necessary support. So the only sure way not to loose they endorse candidates who show interest to address the plight of the workers and not only that they held such candidates responsible to their action based on their agreement.

They achieve this by perusing campaigns, undertaking lobby or provide financial support to individual candidates or parties. Therefore to my own view it is necessary for the unions to be involved in political and legislative processes because if it does not it will be weakened as it will not get support from political sphere which is very vital for. By endorsing the candidates who are in favor with the workers interests it will give unions voice to speak for workers and achieve their goals.

In US, labor has been using diversified way to participate in political campaigns such as member’s mobilization from door to door, sending mails and use of the forum like the one used in 2008 Presidential Election. All this was in effort to see that candidates of their choice have won so that he or she can advocate for improved workers’ conditions. However, there are several occasions their endorsed candidates have lost. This might be due to lack of superb political relations and resources as opposed to their opponent candidates which is the area they need to check.

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