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The international world of business is always looking for opportunities to improve their products and services. In more recent years leaders in the world of business have achieved great success through their creativity, originality, ingenuity and resourcefulness. Thinking ‘outside the box’ is now, more than ever, being promoted by companies to get the edge over their competitors. Creative thinking develops innovations, modernization and improvements. All of these outcomes are greatly prized in the process of maximising an organisation’s resources to deliver better products and services.

Examine three different areas of business or industry and demonstrate how each area promotes creativity, ingenuity, originality, and resourcefulness. These areas may include, for example: leadership, management, technology, entrepreneurship, marketing, advertising, finance, economics, engineering, architecture, and visual design. Provide at least TWO real world examples from these different areas that clearly show how the promotion of creativity, ingenuity, originality, and resourcefulness are leading the businesses and organisations to greater success. [1500 words]

The world of international business is always seeking new opportunities to satisfy customers with new products or new services. Success comes to leaders in the world of business by their creativity in more recent years. Creativity is thinking outside the box , it can be promoted by companies to achieve more advantage than other competitors. Creative thinking is always attracting customers and involving them with modernization and improvements. All of these elements are significant in delivering unique products , services or ideas.

This essay will examine three different areas of business which are marketing, management and fashion and it will show how each area uses originality to gain successful outcome. It will also provide two real examples from these different areas that acutely illustrate how the promotion of these aspects achieve career and community success. Firstly, Marketing encourages innovation to achieve businesses and associations to greater success. The life-blood of every businesses is innovation whether the business is domestic or international(Majaro,.2013,p.256).

This means that if one organisation can not have creativity,that business will fail or it will not achieve success. To be a different with other businesses in same competition is the first and main reason which can brought by smart thinking and being original.Information that can be used pre-emptively in some tactical competitive situation leads to creativity. Creativity is tactical,Knowledge is strategic(Palmer,.2007.p.301). This shows that using Knowledge and experiences will actuate associations to ingenuity in contest with others.Knowledge about using ideas in right way is on of the great advantages to achieve result in every business.

Two real example namely GoPro and Nike demonstrate how marketing supports creativity and helps businesses to achieve success. The GoPro camera is on of the real world example which is the the "World's Most Versatile Camera" the all sport, all conditions camera. practically indestructible, waterproof, and creates epic videos and some extraordinary photos. Simply having a product that enables users to have an awesome experience is not enough, nor is even having a product that records having an awesome experience. There are numbers of other cameras on the market, but GoPro has so much superior of a product than others in its category, especially at its price point.

However, their creativity is that they created avenues for its customers and their friends to share their experiences(Modern Marketing Review,2013). The second example in this area is Nike company.The one of the most important factors of Nike’s success in its expansion in international markets was the shift of production to Asia which had a positive economic effect on the development of the company for Nike managed to manufacture its products in Asian countries where the workforce is significantly cheaper than in the US, Europe or Japan. For example, when Nike has just moved its production to South Korea and Taiwan the local wages of USD 1 an hour were as little as one-tenth of those in the US(The Global Alliance for Workers and Communities. 2003).

Therfore,creative marketing brings success when employed in industry and business. Secondly,management endorses ingenuity to advance commence and communities to reach the highest level of success.Managing a group is like surfing or navigating. You ride waves of interaction, exchanges,crises and environment(El-Meligi,p.189,.2012). This illustrates that managing an organisation can be a challenging job if person does not use creativity to perform it.In this area manager may find several issues or negative feedback which only can be solved by innovative management.

When you move to a new position,you should not assume that the success in the past will be occurred in the new situation(El-Meligi,p.189,.2012).This means that when you start to manage in new situation with different workers,you need to use creativity which can be different with others that you have already done.Bringing a new successful outcome needs a creative management. Two Examples namely Toyota and Apple illustrate that management encourages ingenuity to lead communities to achieve higher result.

Sakichi Toyoda, the founder of Toyota, was an inventor of automatic looms and his never-ending pursuit of learning and improvement has been transcended to generations of Toyota management. In the early time of Toyota history , Toyota Motor almost went bankrupt and had to fire many employees because of the big inventories it had built.This caused Toyota management to go through soul searching efforts for building a new production system under the guidance of Taiichi Ohno.

There were no text books to read and solve this problem but it was a process of learning by doing.learning by doing and seeking a never ending self-improvement has become a way of life at Toyota(Autofocusasia,2008). The second example is Apple company which was managing by Steve Jobs. He had an uncanny ability to develop and design technology products that people love to buy.

He can be known as a legend in the concept of innovative and interactive design. He focused on design and was insistent that it be absolutely perfect. It was his belief that design is a critical component to developing next-generation products that people love. He made one aspect of building his business which is design and very important as opposed to other areas. This evolved into Apple's competitive advantage and the company's brand(Entrepreneur.2013).

Thus management in endorsing ingenuity among its leaders and workers is insrumental in bringing success to these companies. Thirdly , originality also is important in fashion and this can lead businesse and organisations to have significant success in their creative designs and products. Creativity can be the use of old ideas in new ways,places,or combinations. As long as the result is potentially valuable to someone(Loch&Kavadias.2008.p.114).

This shows that in the world of fashion,you may find old idea in new product which can be seen as a innovative way to attract people who love that old idea or product.In the world of fashion.most of creative ideas are the recreation old ideas which they have already done by other people.Innovation in fashion is the fuel that feeds all parts of it(Goldsmith,2012).

This illustrates that in the world of fashion, ingenuity plays an important role to lead business to achieve successful outcome. Creativity in fashion helps organisation to persuade people to love that idea or product. This paragraph examine two real world example namely Gucci and Chanel and they will show how fashion endoses originality to increase the grade of success in commences and organisations.In 2002,Frida Giannini’s who is the unique talent joined Gucci as handbag design director.she brought a powerful new perspective to Gucci’s accessories collection.Her creativity was using the Gucchi archives as a starting point and she transformed house classics into novel and hugely successful designs(Gucchi,2012).

The second example is Chanel which is only brand or only person in the fashion industry that named in list of the 100 most influential people of the 20th century.Her creativity was that she brought a new vision of women’s fashion to the industry.She also reinvented her design in age of 71 which helped make her company a leader once again(metmuseum,2004). In the world of fashion,success can be brought to brands when originality and creativity is used by designers.

In conclusion, the three area of business namely marketing, management and fashion have shown how using originality lead organisations to achieve successful outcomes. When marketing can be a successful that organisation use creativity to be winner in that competition which needs a knoledge to achieve it. The promotion of innovation in marketing such as GoPro and Nike company show that they increase their consumers which lead them to reach a more success.

Achieving success is related to the high level of management which can be done by promoting ingenuity and to examples such as Toyota and Apple have shown Sakichi Toyoda and Steve jobs achieved high level of success by creating innovative ideas to manage their organisations.

They also bielived that innovative idea can be more that one thinking and it can be done as agroup working.Originality in fashion plays a role as heart which means to gain a seccussful out in this era associations must use original idea which companies such as Gucci and Chanel have done it to bring the most successfully outcomes.It is clear that to ensure organisations in the world busuness need to promote innovation to reach successful outcomes in area of marketing,management and fashion.

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