Productivity output

On his tax plans, John McCain’s idea is considered as better than those of the Democrats. His long term plan to cut taxes especially to those middle income families could help them cope with the emerging expenses. Aside from cutting the tax on middle income families, some of McCain’s tax plans are the following: keeping the tax rates low, raising of tax rates should provide a larger number of votes in the legislative branch, cutting the corporate tax rate, giving incentives to certain institutions. These are only some of his tax platforms.

It can be gleaned from his platforms that it is a pro-taxpayer initiative. For example, cutting the tax on middle income earners would give benefit to a number of Americans. This would enhance the living conditions of these middle income earners. This would mean that if they are in improved living conditions, it would result to an efficient and effective productivity output. This would lead to a better production in the working environment which will have a great effect on the economy. McCain’s policy on taxes is not only centered to the citizens, it also deals with corporate enterprises.

His plan on reducing the corporate tax provides a great incentive to large enterprises. It does not only give benefits to existing corporations but it also attracts investors to put up a branch or invest in the United States. John McCain’s plan regarding tax issues is considered as a long term benefit to its citizens. Another issue which made realize that Sen. John McCain should win the election is his policy on immigration. Immigration policy is also a big issue confronting the country today. According to statistics, there are more than eleven million illegal immigrants in the United States.

This is an alarming number because national security is threatened. When the number of undocumented aliens increases, it poses a danger to the country because of terrorism. Also, these illegal aliens possess no benefits especially on social security and health care. Although they work in certain institution, benefits that others will have are not afforded to them. Due to this, Sen. McCain proposes a policy that these illegal immigrants be considered as “guest workers” who could eventually earn U. S. citizenship.

This is to encourage those illegal aliens to come out from the eyes of the law and be documented. The effect of this would be beneficial not only to the government but also to the aliens as well. Aside from being legally documented with benefits of social security and health care, they are also being taxed by the government which will create a substantial amount in income revenues. These aliens could then contribute to the revenue of the government which in turn can provide better services and efficient discharge of duties.

Having said all these, one issue that confronts his candidacy is his age. At age 71 years, critics are saying that he might have a hard time to deal with everyday endeavors of a president. By the end of his term, he would have been 75 years and might not be capable of being re-elected. However, McCain’s camp thinks this as a positive criticism. They perceive such issue as an asset. With his age, this means that he is fully capable to lead the country due to his experience and knowledge in the field of public service and politics.

In an article written by Fields, she cited a speech of McCain wherein he mistakenly spoke about “extremists” when he meant “insurgents” created many reactions that his age could cause his defeat in the elections. However, she added that old age does not mean being incapacitated to be the President. She said that although John McCain is old, this does not amount to being disqualified in any competition. It should not be considered as a gauge to a person’s capacity. With all these policies and other similarly important platforms, Sen. John McCain deserves to be the next President of the United States of America.

Although there are questions as to his physical capability to govern the country, this does not hinder his qualification and experience to occupy the highest position in the country. With his approach to the Iraq issue, his view on cutting tax rates and his perception on the immigration policy constitutes him as the most suitable and qualified candidate in the upcoming elections. In addition to his bright platforms and policies, his personal experience in politics and public service makes him adept in such field other than the other presidential candidates.


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