Product Lifecycle

1. My product will comply to all 4 stages of product life cycle. For the Introduction stage, I would prefer a Rapid Penetration, where in I will start with the lowest price possible, then do different avenues of heavy promotion such as sponsorship and online marketing. Once I successfully get a decent amount/number of market share (Growth Stage – this is the longest stage for my product), that’s where I will start to improve on my profit margin. To justify the price increase, I will improve the quality and packaging/presentation of my product. I will also add more shirt designs so I can enter new market segments.

I will also try to get more distribution channels such as those in the urbanized areas in the province, and shift my focus of advertising from product awareness to preference advertising. Once I get to the Maturity Stage I will now start to have some Market Modification on some of my products, I will start to build a community where in I could be able to convert those who are not a shirt enthusiast by engaging to their lifestyle. Through this, I could also win the competitor’s customer (if there’s any). This is also the stage where I would do more sponsorship and presence to events that could relate to my product.

Then lastly, for the decline stage, I would go back on marking down the prices of non-moving stocks, and proceed on getting new designs. 2. Example of durable and non durable Durable goods are goods that are supposed to last a long time, and purchased only once in a while such as water heater, cars, swimming pools, housing, refrigerators, etc. non-durable goods are used in a short period of time and bought frequently, such as food, beverages, gas, beauty and hygeing supplies, etc . Basically these are things that deteriorate over time so have to move to market ASAP Services are products that are intangible.

It requires interaction with customers and is perishable and time dependent. Air Flight, Taxi, Healthcare Workers, Freight Forwarders are some example of this sector. 3. Innovation – This one of the most important aspects of fashion since this actually promotes the Growth Phase of a business. In relation to my product, this could mean reinventing it. Since I am a retail partner and do not really own the brand, what I could do is to come up with a design exclusively found in the Philippines, like Askal or Pusakal design, then collaborate with the USA brand owner to produce it.

I could ask them to produce it in a very limited quantity and be sold exclusively in the Philippines. This innovative marketing strategy will not only be effective in Philippine market but to entire brand too, because if the collaboration product turns out very well, it could spread out in social media and of course, the customers from other countries will be interested for it and in turn could lead to higher demand of Limited Edition/Country exclusive design. 4. Creativity vs Innovation —- I believe there is. Creativity is something subjective it’s the ability of a person to conceive a new idea.

It is a more general term used to describe someone with an ability to think abstractly, or “out of the box” . While Innovation on the other hand, is how that person implements it. In relation to my product’s marketing strategy, creativity shows up when I thought about the animal designs that can only be found in the Philippines, and the innovation comes in when I mentioned about having this be implemented on other countries and doing it exclusively to create a global demand. It is more of a brand improvement without changing its nature. 5.

Marketing as important human activity — I think Marketing is important when practiced properly because it identifies consumer and business needs and then seeks to satisfy them. And in the free market system, if your product or service does not meet that need then it goes by the wayside. So marketing in a way performs somewhat of a circle of life function for the commerce universe. And in the best scenarios, it’s a win win.

For example, Consumers are happy with their iphone and Apple is happy with the revenues and profit it generates. Marketing brings attention to a business or charity and it helps others with their service, maybe at a discount or maybe alot with better quality service, it helps money revolve just like a job for anyone else. MERIDIAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE A RESEARCH PAPER ON THE MOUNTAIN TSHIRT PRODUCTS SUBMITTED TO MR. DAVID PASCO BY: TED ELLIS VELOS

My name is Ted Ellis and this is my research paper about “The Mountain” a brand that I am currently distributing here in Philippines. I am a no brainer in fashion but I am the kind of guy that likes unique clothing that stands out from the crowd and this brand does not disappoint.

I originally took an interest in the brand because of my long exposure in the Internet, I browse websites religiously and found it in a forum being worn by Jack Black (Hollywood actor) in a meme. Soon after seeing that, I immediately researched about it, and I can still remember using the keywords I used in the search engine “BIG FACE ANIMAL SHIRT”, then I instantly found their website on the first search result. After looking into their site I was amazed with how many options the company had, and I was even showing my online friends at that time all the amazing options and designs.

I like how each shirt has unique artwork on it, just the dyed shirt that they use is already something that you can wear on its own. The logo is not a standing out focal point on the shirt, which is very uncommon these days, so you can truly enjoy the shirt. The prints are so realistic it’s like you advertise nature while strolling outdoors. I personally have 5 of these and all of them are my favourite shirts in my closet. I would encourage anyone to get at least one for their wardrobe.

The shirts are made of 100% cotton making them very durable, soft, and comfortable to wear. Check out their website at http://themountain. com/ THE MOUNTAIN America’s Greenest T-Shirt Company™ Just got Greener! By now you probably know quite a bit about The Mountain®, like the fact: • That we create, develop, dye, print in Marlborough, NH and ship from Keene, NH USA. Which makes our carbon footprint much smaller than most companies dyeing and printing overseas. It also allows us a very quick turn-around time for getting shirts to you, our customers.

• That more than 80% of the cotton in our shirts is grown in the USA • That we use Organic Reactive Dyes to create our dye library of over 600 colors • We use waterbase inks to create the amazing soft feel to our prints (99. 5% of other T-Shirt printers use petroleum based ink to create their designs on apparel) • Our shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton (even the thread that holds it together is cotton). If washed according to our label instructions, in cold water, not only will your shirt stay at the same size as when you purchased it, but also the print will remain vibrant for years to come.

• Our Oeko-Tex 100 Certification (the highest certification worldwide) which guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body • Our commitment to the environment is in our bones, it’s part of The Mountain’s Collective Consciousness read more We believe that Fair Trade starts at home by taking good care of our employees and their families. The Mountain® has had a long history of creating t-shirts that stand out in the market place. This is because we are a fully integrated manufacturer right here in the USA.

With our in-house design, dye and print facilities we have always had the ability to push the limits of making t-shirts that go beyond the conventional. This, coupled with offering an array of custom value added services and unparalleled customer service has made The Mountain® a legendary provider of t-shirts for our retailers. Our goal is to ship our customer’s orders within 24 hours. http://shop. themountain. me/about-us/ HOW TO MARKET/STRATEGY: Creator Michael McGloin told The Daily Mail: ‘A light bulb just went off and I realised this is what we had to do.

‘ The original marketing concept by the USA supplier was ‘We needed to be the only player in the dog themed t-shirt market. Covering all of the top breeds to start with and then eventually moving onto all animals. ‘ –This is how I intend to carry out my marketing plan locally. Right now, I have all designs being offered to their wholesale/retail partners off in my Facebook Page, where I regularly accepts preorders from customers – but I realized that by starting to offer all the designs at the same time is an immediate trip to the DECLINE stage of a product/brand life cycle.

What I plan to do is to concentrate on the different breeds of DOGS first, by knowing the different groups that are very passionate about Dog breeding, or find a brand champion who is an influential person who will not only wear the clothing, but also will speak to its features, advantages and benefits over our competition. He/She could be a volunteer of PAWS, an active member of PETA, an influential Vegan, or just a celebrity who is a very known Dog lover. My goal is to get the brand champion wear the shirt on record, preferably in photographs or videos.

To find brand champions, look to local or national celebrities, and target wardrobe departments of televisions shows with characters in my target audience. Once I get enough exposure of my brand, I will then move on to the different breeds, and hopefully do collaboration with the Brand owners from the USA to produce a Limited Edition shirt that features animals that are only found in the Philippines and that will be exclusively be sold only in the Philippines. PROMOTION I am never a fan of businesses that targets the mainstream market such as TV commercials, Radio Ads, News Paper ads, or even Social Media ads.

Since this is a product that has a potential hit to the masses, I prefer on doing more of unconventional marketing. Here’s a guerrilla marketing tactic I’ve been thinking about lately. I am considering giving a few (5) free shirts to a couple of people that I see asking for money on specific street corners on a daily basis. I would hand them some stickers to give away to the people who would as them where did they get their shirts. As long as we see them continue to wear the shirt we will keep giving them freebies.

Also would take pictures with those we “sponsor” and post on my blog or website. The benefits: -They are walking billboards, out on prominent street corners daily -Most people can’t help but look -The fact that they have a brand new fresh tee will raise some eyebrows -Can be seen as an act of philanthropy Possibility of Backfire: -May come off as rude or making fun/exploiting -Person may never return to that spot again MERIDIAN INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE ESSAY QUESTIONS SUBMITTED TO MR. DAVID PASCO BY: TED ELLIS VELOS