Problem regarding illegal immigrants

Illegal immigration as the term implies refers to immigration across boarders in such a way that the immigrant violates certain laws for immigration in that particular place. Definitely, illegal migration is wrong because it takes the opportunities of other legal and qualified workers the opportunity to live and work in the country of their choice. Actually it is not just wrong, it’s a crime. Because of this crime, many personnel with valid reasons and had undergone legal actions in order to migrate to that particular country are often times being denied with the opportunity to do so.

Any foreigner who either crossed a political boarder and entered a country illegally or entered a country in a legal way but had overstayed his or her visa for the purpose of living or working there is considered an illegal immigrant. Those that enter with legal documentation but then violate the terms and conditions for which they have been admitted are also considered as illegal immigrants or illegal-aliens. This may sometimes be taking jobs in which they are not authorized. Under Section 237 (a)(1)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, both type of illegal immigrant are punishable by deportation.

It is estimated that in the United States, there were nearly 7 million illegal immigrants as of January 2000. However, according to the Immigration and Naturalization service (INS), this number is increasing by about half a million each year. It is also necessary be reminded that almost 59% of these 500,000 annual increase are living in poverty and are two and a half times more illiterate than the US citizens. It is estimated that about 1. 5 million green cards were given to illegal immigrants in the early 1990’s. These green cards were not given because of amnesty legislation.

This only shows that illegal immigration is being embraced and encouraged through lawful exemption. This results show that illegal immigration is not something that is to be neglected. It is something that should be addressed properly and given appropriate measures. Illegal immigration may seem like a victimless crime but the truth is, it causes considerable harm both for the citizens and for legal immigrants in the country. Those in the vulnerable sectors are the ones that are more affected by illegal immigration such as the poor, minorities and children.

It also causes drain on public assets because the taxes that immigrants pay do not cover the cost of service that they receive. Minority workers and those that do not have high school degree are most likely to be affected by illegal immigration. This is because most illegal immigrants are willing to be paid at substandard wages for their work. Illegal immigrants also add up to the overwhelming population growth in the country which causes additional consumption on the country’s natural resources such as water and energy and consumes limited affordable housing.

In this case it also the poor that suffers. Illegal Immigration is caused by most companies that want to spend less for their workforce and are willing to hire illegal immigrant for the job. This thought brought more and more illegal aliens wanting to stay in the country and encouraging others to do the same thing. There had been many communities that are established by migrants to provide jobs, housing and entree for illegal immigrant in the country.

These communities are established in order to protect relatives that are illegal immigrant in the place or for fellow countrymen. This problem that the country is facing regarding illegal immigration is a result of past mistakes. These problems arise because past government was not able to enforced immigration laws properly. There had been laws but the problem is not the absence of laws but rather the application of theses laws. The government should be strict in applying these laws for the benefit of the people and of the country as well.

If we want future generations to be free from this problem regarding illegal immigrants we should deal with this issue once economy’s growth for years, it is about time that this problem is dealt with accordingly.

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