Problem analysis

Problem analysis can be defined as break downing of the problem to make a thorough study with the aim to understand the emergence of the problem and the reason for its growth to its current level. Problem analysis assumes that there is a root cause for the problem and on identifying and developing the combating methods of prevention or eradication of the root cause, the overall problems can be avoided.

In criminal Justice Problem analysis makes much importance in the solving he community based criminal record. Vandalism or Criminal Damage is a term that covers a broad range of offences. Work place unrest does also come under such. However, the problem analysis does include the steps to perform it effectively: Problem Definition – The criminal offense has to be defined as tightly as possible, including the stakeholders like Community, expectations, Events, Harm, Recurring, and Similarity;

Hotspots – Knowledge of the place and position of occurrence, like– Violence creators, violence attractors, or violence enablers; Trend – Information on long term interventions for change and rehabilitation. This needs a constant monitoring and observation of trend cycles of increase and decrease levels of violence and crime. Problem Identification Work place problems The work place violence is also treated as criminality and subjected to prosecution.

Conflicts which take place in the Corporations cost the organizations millions of dollars in lost production, increased turnover and proceedings. The employees spend so much of their time at work place; they need to be aware of what put up efficient workplace relationships. Representation of uplifting practices in all the places of work interactions unofficially or officially will make a positive involvement to relationships because their prominence is directed towards the fulfilling of principles of reasonable process.

There are several consequences of workplace violence, which may possibly include stress, which is not clearly definable. For some parties, consideration of the prevention and aftermath of workplace violence is a human resources management issue, for others it is a safety and health issue. The work place violence is defined as — any action, event or behaviour that departs from practical conduct in which a person is assaulted, endangered, harmed, injured in the track of, or as a direct result of, his or her work.

Here is an example of the work place violence—it describes a conflict between a Manager and his employee, in which the employee takes the leave of two days i. e. on Friday and Monday in which it was counted as total four days leave. The particular organization’s rule is if any one takes the leave on the either days of the weekends (Friday and Monday) then they count them as four days leave including Saturday and Sunday which were the general holidays.

The circular wasn’t passed that the particular rule was introduced. But here the employee takes leave with out knowing the rule by which he lost his salary for four working days, and disputes with the manager for the lack of communication. The other example is abusing the lady employees which are lonely or working for over time in the office. For avoiding such situations proper training must be given to the employees and the administration.