The Problem of Agriculture in Indonesia

Good morning every body. First, i would like to say thanks for Alloh SWT that has blessed us, so we are here to join a speech contest. To my honorable the jury, the honorable organizer committee, and ll my beloed friends. My name is Rimma Mutiara Putri, I`m from SMA 1 Ciampea. This time, i`m going to talk about the problem of agricultural in rice import. Ladies and Gentlemen, To discuss about this, first, we should see the problem of agriculture in Indonesia. We all know that Indonesia is agricultural country. but why we still always import rice from other countries.

Actually, if we keep on importing rice from other countries, there will be many bed impacts to our country. For example, the price of rice is getting cheaper and cheaper. If the price of rice is cheap, the farmers will be reluctant to grow rice and increase their harvest. Ladies and Gentlemen, Before that happen to us, it will be better if the government take a good measure to overcome that problem. Actually, there are many ways to overcome the reduction of rice harvest. First, the government should protect the farmers by being able to keep the price of rice as reasonable as possible. Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, the farmers do not have a bargaining power. The price of rice is determined on by one person called “Tengkulak”. They decide the price of rice and the farmers can not do anything. To overcome this problem, the government in this case BULOG should be more proactive. They don`t buy rice from tengkulak, but they should come to the farmers and buy the rice from them. So, the farmers will get much profit. The second, the government should be more selective in giving permitted the developers if they want to build housing. why? because, there are a lot of productive land have been used to build housing.

I do agree with the building of modern house, but we should think also about the effect of environment in the future. Does the building of modern house get a lot of advantages for agriculture or not? if the answer is not, the goverment should stop it and find another solution. The third, the government should try to make the farmers be independent in producing rice. We don`t it to import rice, but we will export rice if the government care about this. The government should be serious in implementing all the policy that has been made. Especially in agricultural sector.

Ladies and Gentlemen especially mt beloved friends, There are many ways to do as a student to make Indonesia does not import the rice anymore. For example, we must and invite everyone to love our product.

But i think it is not enough only with love, we must prove by consume our product, although it is not comprehensive. Well, Ladies and Gentlemen I think it is enough from me. I hope our country will be better than before, especially in agricultural sector.

Don`t forget there are still many ways to do as a student to make our country success. Thank you for attantion Wassalamu `alaikum wrwb.