Probation and Parole Are Not Right

Probation and parole are not right, it’s something you earn and it’s given to certain offenders so that they can avoid prison, also its way of being released from prison after doing your time or for having good behavior . Their main task is to restore offenders and help them to change, become someone better so they can go back into society and don’t cause any harm to their community or themselves. They want to prevent them from committing new crimes or from going back to their old lifestyle. Today there are many intermediate sanctions a judge can give an offender depending on their crime. This is a way of dealing with criminal offenders who are facing conviction or who has been convicted. According to the authors these are some of the intermediate sanctions a judge can give to an offender “fines, community service, electronic surveillance, shock probation, intensive supervision, and residential community supervision”pg(233). Base from the reading from “ American Corrections”these are some of the sanctions that are used for many criminals depending on their crime.

Some of the functions for probation intake, investigations and supervision. For intake probation officers make sure that the youths have been given their rights and also collects all the information from the family, and the community that can help a prosecutor in file a petition. The second function investigation, officers are able to provide a report for the judge so they can use to make their decision to sentence the offender. They also interview the offender too know his background and will go through all the information like his history, education, mental condition, and any other kind of information that could be helpful for them. Third function is supervision, offenders are supervised by probation officers. They are responsible for supervising the felons in the community while they are sentenced. They have to check up on him daily,weekly and monthly. Make sure they are doing their community services and not doing any kind of drugs or drinking alcohol. These functions helps the offender stay on track and also help the judge decide what they should to the offender. The reason of probation is to discourage further bad behavior, punish the offender, help provide recovery to people that have been harm and communities. Also allows offenders have many more opportunities for rehabilitation.

These are some of the functions of Parole, enforcing restrictions and controls in the community, providing services that help parolees integrate into a noncriminal lifestyle, and increasing the public’s level of confidence in the effectiveness and responsiveness of Parole services through the first two activities. Parole is tasked primarily with protecting the public from released offenders. When enforcing restrictions on offenders it makes sure the community will be safe, offenders will know what they can do and not do. It gives offenders certain limits in the community. The second is function Parolees must inform the offender the conditions and term and obey while they are on parole. These terms include living in the state or county, seeing with your parole officer everytime, doing the drug and alcohol tests, and showing proof of where you live and work residence. In order to keep the community safe and making sure that they can be outside with no problem is by doing both of functions I said in the beginning.

Some of the issues with probation are releasing offenders through probation it puts the community in danger because a criminal is being let free, which means you won’t know if they will behave well, won’t do drugs, and will try to commit future crimes again. Also probation has been successful in rehabilitating offenders too often because probation officer haven’t been supervising them, which means an offender on probation can fill out a one page report of their work activities and submit it to their probation officer by mail. There is no direct supervision of offenders. Probation is mainly considered a better than jail, but it still represents an incursion by the state into the lives of individuals. There are thousands of people that are under probation, that we don’t know if they are being checked on every time like they say. We are just trusting on the offenders words hoping that he/she will not commit a crime, nor try to escape. Many people believe that allowing criminals to be put on probation is to much because they are being let out,it gives them too much freedom and they won’t be supervised always like they were in prison. They believe they should be imprisoned. According to the reading from American Corrections “ scholars conclude that probation “doesn’t work” or that its effects are minimal at best”pg (215).

Some problems with parole, people are staying in prison longer than ever before,not only because of the long sentences. Why? because the criminal justice system is failing to release people after they have changed. Offenders have served their time in prison, been restored and are ready to go back to their communities. There are thousands of people that are kept locked up because of the system is failing to release them. The parole system keeps denying release to people who went to prison as teens. Which shows that no matter how long you spent in prison or if you had good behavior, they still won’t let you out because they choose who let out. That’s the problem people that don’t deserve parole are being let out into society and being re-arrested. The number of offenders released on parole will continue increasing, because more convicts are being sent to prison because prison are getting over crowded. So prisons have no choice but to release some of those convicts early in order to meet budget limits. When offenders are released, they got nowhere to go, so they become homeless. Most of them will have untreated physical illnesses, mental illnesses, and addiction disorders. Which will lead the, back to prison because they can’t take care of themselves and they have a hard time trying to get back into society.

Why probation is important? It’s important because prisons have been overcrowded and the costs of incarceration have become too high and it’s become an issue for most states. Probation has been helping decrease that percentage and cost so that the states doesn’t spend too much money. Probation officers have become a significant piece of the puzzle to reduce recidivism rates and making sure the community is safe. They are responsible for offenders to stay on task and making sure they are doing what they need to do and for identifying the needs of the offender to ensure a successful reintegration back into the community. According to the authors Todd Clear, Michael Reisig, and George Cole probation is “ Probation is a sentence allowing the offender to serve the sanctions imposed by the court while he or she lives in the community under supervision” pg(81).

The reason why parole is important, It reduces prison and jail populations. In order to qualify for parole, offenders must be in good behavior and not a threat to society. When releasing offenders it gives them a chance to start a new life. Also It helps reduces taxpayer expenses. The cost of parole supervision will be much less expensive and it won’t cost as much as incarceration. In certain areas, it costs a lot more to in prison someone than to supervise them while out on parole. Getting parole ain’t easy to get, you have to work hard and show that you want to change and be a part of the society. According to the authors Todd Clear, Michael Reisig, and George Cole “ if you want get paroled, you’ve got to be in a program”pg(395).