Privacy Under attack

Face Recognition technology for the surveillance camera may have cause innocent people to get involve in a crime if ever their faces were matched against a criminal. This is not the case because the police must not decide immediately on computer matches on face recognition alone. More verification must be done in order to determine the suspect of a crime. Face recognition maybe used to pinpoint potential suspects in a crime.

Doing this would hasten the investigation process and as such, this would also help in determining the culprit of the crime. Having cameras would also give evidence on how the crime had happened. As for the use of surveillance cameras in the public places, it is hard to tell whether a person’s privacy is invaded when he or she is in public. Everyone in the radius of the lens is captured in the camera and that only means that not only one person is captured but several are. The surveillance camera may deter crime.

Surveillance Cameras in public may help authorities determine and catch culprits who had caused terrorism in public just like what had happened in London were, the suspects were identified using the surveillance camera. On the other hand, disadvantage on this method is that if the user of the camera decides to spy on a person, he or she can be able to spy on him using the cameras surveyed. Spying can only happen if the government decides on doing the spying. The chances that the government would be spying on a particular person are very slim.

Unless the person had caused for suspicion then that can only be the time that a person is spied on. Weighing the pros and cons of surveillance camera system in public places, the author of this paper decides on having a surveillance camera in public because the benefits of having a surveillance system is experienced by majority of the public and security of the public is ensured. Surveillance camera system has become a technology that is beneficial to the justice system and peace and order of a community.

There have been several incidents in the past that had caused people to think about the security of persons. The incidents of the September 11 attack and bombings in London only thought security companies to enhance technology and tighten security in several places. Several countries around the world also thought of installing systems of surveillance in order to keep the peace and order and avoid occurrences of incidents that is harmful to the public. Being able to install the surveillance camera system may help the government of the different countries see what is happening in the community.

Before the attack of September 11 New York City has already 2,300 cameras from street level in 1998 and this had increased to 4,200 cameras. In the article from Alex Kingsbury (2007), it had been stated that the plans for private and public video surveillance in New York had been planned in the last few years. However when the London bombings had happened, that is when the officials had pushed through to finish the plans. The system had included 1,000 public and 2,000 private cameras, electronic license plate readers and a 24 hour command center to monitor.

This only shows that there is a need for an increase of surveillance cameras and monitoring systems in places. Being able to have surveillance camera does not mean that the police would solve all crimes. The surveillance cameras cannot stop all crimes and people may continue to oppose the surveillance camera system. Although this is the case, cameras are still beneficial in solving criminal cases in the justice system. As stated in the previous paragraphs, cameras can identify potential suspects through facial recognition software.

Cameras would also be able to catch the criminal in the act. A possible solution for crime deterrence and constant surveillance of critical areas is the use of the camera system. If possible, it would be easier if cameras are installed on the streets and on public areas to deter possible crimes from occurring. By telling the public that they are being watched would also raise their awareness on the security system that is being implemented by the government. Some may think that the government is spying on the public.

Having surveillance camera is more beneficial because it concerns the public’s safety. It is more important than thinking about the privacy issue of a single person in the public.

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