Privacy and Legal Issues

One of the biggest advantages of using the internet is its efficient ways of reducing warehousing and inventory. There is a huge market for e-business for FTD and effectively managing these companies are very essential. FTD can survive in the market as long as it corrects its mistakes and problems by constantly taking feedback from its customers. There are many barriers in e-commerce and FTD must to effectively and efficiently manage each phase of the marketing mix. FTD most can not afford to just focus on two or three areas instead it must take into consideration of each component of its enterprise.

Technologies are constantly changing and knowing the environment and its competitors is important to last in the market. Many of the ethical issues involve privacy. For example, privacy concerning e-mail uses by the employees and FTD head office and the administrator. Network administrators and the head office must be able to monitor the Web site visited by the employees of the FTD. For instance, placing key loggers on machines and on the network to monitor the user activities.

Other ethical issues that can be important such as sharing files by sending attachments over the network and the network administrator has the rights to invade the privacy of the employees if any suspicion rises. However, incase of system and software crushes it is important that the system is kept updated and checked frequently to ensure that no harm can occur. As far as the legal issues are concerned, since this is a chemical company, the company has the rights to monitor all activities of the entire network. The most important privacy issues are the use of chemicals and its distributions information.

Along with user authentication and user access must be encrypted using password and other security tools. Other legal issues such as E-mail protection law and Data protection law will also be implemented. Other legal issues such as information security, copyright and trademark laws, and social issues relating to cyberspace including privacy, obscenity, and defamation and from the vulnerability of data for manipulation, interception and the criminal law provisions on computer crime is also a major concern of computer security.


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