Prison Weapons

Prisons should operated under strict terms that do no allow prisoners to acquire any form of weapons due to the fatality effects towards each other. Prisons are operated at a range of security levels ranging from minimum security prisons accommodating non violent offender to supermax facilities housing illustrious criminals and terrorists. Detention is one of the main forms of punishments for the charge of criminal act offences in the United States.

Less serious offenders inclusive of misconduct offenders are sentenced to a temporary local jail with alternative forms of sanctions like community servicing, house arrest, audition and recompense. United States has the highest number of the prisoners in the world. This implies that most of the prisons are congested resulting to gang violence since many gang members retain their gang identity and affiliations when imprisoned. Acts of violence within a statewide prison population were reviewed to establish the occurrence, types of injuries, vital surgical measures, persons associated in the trauma, and weapons used to impose the injuries.

Contact with the violent inmates creates hazards in the staff work place. A prison store contains a lot of material which are used to make weapons used in the prison either to injure fellow inmate or the prison staff. Prison kitchen tools, workshop utility and office devices may need to be redesigned because these items are commonly used in acts of violence. Unconventional home made weapons were used to inflict injuries to the staff. (Bragg et al. 1992) The aim of this paper is to explain the ways through which weapons are proliferated into the prisons.

How weapons are proliferated into the prison Weapons are smuggled into the prison through various ways and means. The major source of weapon for the inmates is from officers in charge of prisons who smuggle guns and other weapons surrounded by inmates with a history of violent behavior and material that can be converted into weapons, many relatively harmless items have been converted into weapons that have maimed and killed correction officers . These weapons are tooth brushes, locks safety razors and broke glass.

These weapons are introduced to prison through a number of sources: Purchased from the commissary such as toiletries and locks, Stolen or illicit introduced to the prison environment and Salvaged and vandalized from prison facilities As an ex-warder from the maze prison has claimed that fellow officers smuggled in the guns used to murder Lvf Chief Billy. Concurring to the Pretoria news, the violation comprises the smuggling of weapons and cell phones into the prison where pending audition prisoners are being detained.

Smuggling of stuff into prisons ensues all over the world, although it happens under the lookout of guards in the most secure prison in the United States. There is urgent need of investigation into these protection breaches as there is connection to prison bribery Case reports in medical journals describe that the use of the weapons in prison were for self defense, apparatus for escape, drugs injection, and elimination of prison warders Weapons in prisons in many incidents are acquired from tools and equipments that are used on daily activities in the prison.

One of the sources of weapons in prisons is by use of sharps container and pull out syringes which is done by the convicts. The prisoners use the gadgets for intravenous drug injection, or a tattoo gun. The main health danger is the danger the needles create to prison warders who do daily inspections of the prisoner’s cells and pat downs (Hayden and Kellermann 1995).