Prison Term Policy Recommendation

The act of illegally taking some one else’s property through intimidation or violence and through the use of force can be described as robbery. Armed robbery can be defined as robbery at gun point. The sentence for armed robbery in America depends on where the crime was committed. In California, if a robbery happens outside a residence and not in public transport it is termed as second degree robbery and it carries a 2, 3 or 5 years sentence. According to the penal code section 211. 5,213 possessing a fire arm add an extra year to the sentence.

Using the fire arm during the robbery (including pointing it at somebody) adds ten years to the sentence. Discharging the fire arm increases the sentence by twenty years and if one causes great bodily harm they can get twenty five years or a life sentence. The doubling of the prison term for armed robbery has both its pros and cons and I will address both in this paper. Pros of doubling the sentence When the Florida state implemented the 10-20 years standard in addressing armed robbery, the crime rate in the state drastically dropped.

Statistics from else where are not lack balance in criminal activities and rates of incarceration. If this law is passed and it takes the responsibility of reducing the crime rate then it should be approved. By the use of education, prevention, treatment and other plausible alternatives to add power to the law, the society can be moved forward into a position where they maintain power and control over crime. If the prison term is longer, it will discourage criminals who want to commit armed robbery as they will have longer prison terms to serve.

Crimes such as violent muggings, bank robberies and highway robberies will decline and improve the security of many America. There are many programs in prison meant to help in rehabilitant of the prisoners to make them better people who can live harmoniously with other people. Such programs are like; employment, vocational training and academics. Most of the inmates are illiterate and it is estimated that the figure stands at 80 percent. The time in prison is meant to give them skills in preparation for re entry to the society.

Many hard core criminals have been known to come out of prisons completely reformed and with skills to help them in earning a decent pay that keeps them from engaging in crime. It is estimated that 80 percent of inmates in California are black Americans. Most people who engage in criminal activities confess they do so in a bid to find money to sustain themselves and their families. As many of them are illiterate as shown by statistics, they lack the ability of getting decent jobs and they find themselves easily enticed by the web of crime.

Many of them do not have the basic skills needed to carry out simple tasks e. g. plumbing and thus they find themselves shunned by the job market. Prisons provide programs where inmates can learn a skill and be employed while in prison enabling inmates to earn money that can sustain them after being released. Doubling the time that armed robbers spend in prison will enable them to benefit from the several prison reform programs making them better people. These programs learnt during incarceration will enable these criminals to earn their income legally and discourage them from engaging in robbing people violently.