Prison System Effective

I can tell you our prison system is a joke. Many people look forward to getting into prison because it’s easier than being on the streets. They are well fed; they often get access to books, televisions, games, and even sports rec leagues and such. Their medical is fully covered by the state and there isn’t any real back breaking work to be done other than fighting off your prison mate. I believe that criminals convicted of the hard crimes should not sit on death row for years. Get rid of them.

Those that serve life long sentences should look forward to long hours of work rain or shine. They acted out against society; they should pay the price of giving back to it. When not doing physical labor a cell with no beds, maybe a blanket. There was none of this back in the day. I don’t think life should be overly hard for light sentences; things happen, but it shouldn’t be easy either. Those that are meant to live there for 10 year sentences, though they need to pay for their housing with their time in.

The guard system needs to be restructured as well. My cousin is a guard in Syracuse and he has made friendship with some of the inmates to make his job easier this should not be a loud by any guard. No special privileges for the inmates. This is not why they are here. We need to make it so they don’t want to come back and become law bidding citizens. Inmates meeting other inmate’s needs to be restricted as well, no communication, most criminals become better criminals.

What I have learned from reinforcement positive or negative, yes in some circumstances you have to give a little to get a little, but in some circumstances these people do not deserve that. With continuous reinforcement, lay the law down stick to your guns on the rules and regulations no one gets a slide. There are those that do get 100% rehabilitated, but I am sure that is few and far between. Punishment my removal, by removing them from society and others like them is the best way.