Prison Ministry Essay

In order to get solid number of followers and supporters to the ministry, the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry needs to understand that they need to get an immediate response from the people. Meaning to say, the advertising that has to be made by the ministry is one that will stir up the emotions of the targeted people. It is possible that for the ministry to include in their website, mailings and other forms of advertising a call for action such as “JOIN NOW”, “DONATE NOW”, or “CLICK HERE”.

These phrases are powerful in such a way that the viewers are no longer being given a choice of “just come back when you are ready to donate or join”. The urgency is there and therefore there is no day but today. It is in this regard that the company will be assured that all the visitors of the website and those to whom they are advertising will definitely join the plight of the ministry and establish the support needed to keep it going (Saloner, 2000). Direct Marketing

There 3 possible direct marketing strategies that can utilized by Good News Jail and Prison Ministry in establishing support from the people. One is the utilization of emails. Sending personal emails to the people will bring forth good feedback. This is because of the fact that most of the people nowadays are accessing their emails on a daily basis. It will surely drive the point and the message clear. Another strategy that can be used is the radio, newspaper and television advertisement.

By using clear and emotional ads on the radio, newspapers and television many people can be reached as the importance of the message is being stressed out and emphasized accordingly. Third thing that can be utilized by the ministry is the Internet advertising. When keywords are keyed in correctly the advertisement will simply pop-open in the search engine. Right people are reached and hence, will drive more supporters for the Good News Jail Ministry. Conclusion Porter, M. (1998). Competitive Strategy. New York: Mc-Graw Hill. Saloner, G. (2000). Strategic Management. New York: Wiley.