Prime Bank

In general sense we mean “Bank” as a financial institution that deals with money. There are different types of banks like Central bank, Commercial bank, Savings bank, Investment bank, Merchant bank, Co-operative bank etc. But when we use the term bank it generally means ‘commercial bank’ that collects the deposit from surplus unit of the society and then lends the deposits to the deficit units. Now-a day’s banking sector is modernizing and expanding its hand in different financial events every day.

At the same time the banking process is becoming faster, easier and is becoming wider. In order to survive in the competitive field of the banking sector all organizations are looking for better service opportunities to provide their fellow clients. So it has become essential for every person to have some idea on the bank and banking procedure. Internship program has been included to BBA curriculum for producing talent, up-to-date and smart, efficient executives. Internship means gaining supervised experience.

Internship program offers an opportunity to know the environment of a particular organization. Theoretical knowledge does not make a person perfect. To implement the academic knowledge, practical knowledge related to it is important. A perfect coordination between theory and practice is important in the context of modern business world. In order to resolve the dichotomy between theory and practice, the different university arranged Internship Program as a partial completion of BBA program. This program is necessary for every student to complete his or her academic degree.

Internship program brings student closer to the business theory and practical and thereby help them to substantiate their knowledge so that they can prepare themselves to start a successful career. As a participant in this, I was place under Prime Bank Limited, Sat Masjid Road Branch, Dhanmondi, which is well reputed for trade and commerce in Dhaka city. In preparing the report, I have incorporated the suggestion from correspondents to mention here. This report is mainly emphasis on Borrower’s Perception on in Prime Bank Limited -comparative study with leading private Banks.

Financial services are a difficult business, subject to many pressures. The regulatory environment, risk and capital management, reporting and compliance are all major issues demanding the attention of board and executive alike. On top of this there is still a business to run, with customers to be won or retained, costs to be managed and shareholder value to be created, all in an increasingly dynamic and international environment, where failure on any of these counts can swiftly lead to the attention of predators, both domestic and international.

Important to the success of a financial service organization in this complex environment is the key relationship between the revenue generating client base and the cost of the infrastructure required to service, satisfy and delight them. The cost-income ratio remains one of the most closely watched and targeted numbers in any modern bank. On the revenue side growth in customer numbers, customer retention, share of wallet, and cross sale ratio are all key metrics.

While on the cost side the variables are around staff numbers, branch numbers, the range and variety of channels to the customer and the location of transaction processing, as off shoring develops as a means to both manage cost and, in some cases, improve customer service. What then, are some of the most important elements of Borrower’s Perception in the current market and what has been going right and wrong for the banks? This report is an important part of every student course curriculum and the gaining of his practical training.

It ensures the practical knowledge on a specific matter, which is assigned to the students by their respective teachers or otherwise known as supervisor. The Title of my report is “Borrower’s Perception on Prime Bank Limited” This report is assigned by the HR department of Prime Bank Limited and approved by the Supervisor of Finance Department, Faculty of USB, and University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh. 1. 2 Objective of the study: The ultimate objective of the study is to gain real life exposure in the banking sector and to get a clear idea about Borrower’s Perception on Prime bank Limited.

The objectives of the study are: ? Building habit of working and learning responsibility on the duration of internee. ? To present an overview of PBL. ? To appraise the task which are directly linked with Borrower’s. ? To identify problems of Borrower’s awareness. ? Identify the solution of these problems and provide some recommendation. 1. 3 Methodology of the Study: The nature of this report is descriptive, so instead of doing any survey or using sampling method, observation method is used to complete this qualitative research.

Most of the necessary information has been collected by face to face interview. ? Population: The study has been conducted on the Borrower’s Perception on Prime Bank Limited. But because of branch specific constraints it was conducted on the clients of credit section. ? Sampling Unit: Only branches of Prime Bank in DCC area was under consideration for the sampling unit for the study, i. e. , Sat-Masjid Road Branch, Karwanbazar Branch, Bangshal Branch, Asad Gate Branch, Panthapath Branch. ? Sampling Technique: Random sampling is used for the purpose of the study.