Preserve the Rights of Intellectual Property Owners

Colletrix is ​​a project that is still in the incubation stage, the project was designed to help preserve the rights of intellectual property owners around the world, so that the due compensation and recognition they deserve never eludes them when third parties they resort to their intellectual property. . They also receive due recognition for the use of their contents.

Colletrix has been investigating and exploring since they began the development of their platform, have been able to ensure a series of outstanding collaborations of several Asian companies and much more. Then, in the course of this article, we will look more closely at the Colletrix platform and everything it has to offer.

Colletrix is ​​a project with a very clear mission, the mission of the project has never been ambiguous or misleading, what they intend to achieve with the platform is very clear. Its objective is tokenize the intellectual properties by integrating them into the chain of blocks.

The colletrix ecosystem claims to have its own token called the colletrix token, with the CIPX ticker. The CIPX token is compatible and based on ethereum, therefore everything related to the CIPX token can be found in the ethereum browser. The CIPX tokens are designed to fulfill a series of purposes, among which is its use in the purchase of NFT (non-fungible tokens) through the NFT market on the Colletrix platform.

Colletrix aims to create a completely different ecosystem that helps the tokenization of intellectual properties for the intellectual property industry; this will go a long way in helping the owners of the intellectual property to obtain the required benefits that come with the use of their intellectual properties. This will encourage more intellectual property owners to expand their bases and further spend their ecosystem.

The NFT market will focus on attracting the attention of collectors around the world. The large customer base of the Colletrix platform, which has always been spent, will generate high liquidity and an increase in the price of CIPX tokens due to an endless demand.

Colletrix aims to work with Undone, one of the largest producers of smart watches in Asia to produce a quantity of highly personalized merchandise that can only be purchased with the colletrix tokens also called CIPx. To make this purchase, it will also be necessary to buy some CIPx tokens, since that will be the main option to buy these products by waste. The implication of this association is to help give a greater boost to the price of CIPx tokens.

To add to this, when users need personalized undo merchandise, that can also be fixed and done, after which the payment will be made with the colletrix tokens, giving more value to the CIPX tokens. I think the Colletrix project is a good and promising project that will greatly help to exceed the expectations of many in this space. I implore everyone who reads this to investigate and it will definitely be worth your time and resources. Colletrix is ​​without a doubt a phenomenal project.