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CLAJ Announces the Launch new Luggage Mate : the Poppet

CLAJ is delighted to announce the launch of a newly designed luggage mate ,which helps people to release their burden of carrying a large bag or a heavy luggage . The luggage mate is exactly what I’ve been waiting for , it has outstanding functions and I need not distract my attention to do my things like shopping as well as carry a large bag , ” said the director of National Tourism Administration , Elva .

The poppet with a caterpillar band and a blue-tooth receiver so that it can follow the user’s track all the time . There is no need to carry a large bag of things and a heavy luggage carrier by people themselves any more .

The luggage is made of high-tech materials so that it has good functions of waterproofness, stability and speed . No matter how lousy the environment is ,the luggage mate can endure torrential rain and rough stuff of the airport clearance , following users’ track all the time . Even walking on the unpaved track , it can show as easily as walking on firm earth and the blue tooth receiver will not be damaged so readily .

After-sale Service Department of CLAJ can afford one – year maintenance period , the service of customization and returned purchase without any reasons in seven days . People can engrave their names on the luggage mate and choose different color and different flower pattern according to their preferences . And they can even design the luggage mate by themselves . CLAJ will also launch mini luggage mate in a small size and at a low price.

The luggage mate will retail at a basic price of 1000RMB , though each luggage mate will be made by durable materials and the high quality of CLAJ provided , price will not go high. CLAJ is a newly listed company founded on 14th February 2012 in Shanghai by four founders —— Chris , Lucy , Aviva and Jackie , launching different kind of caterpillar bands and luggage mates . By using high-tech knowledge , CLAJ aims to make people’s life better and contribute to the society .

Thanks for reading and CLAJ is ready to welcome your arrival ! # # #